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Adonis was the first planet outside of Earth's solar system to be reached and colonized and is the capital of Alpha Sector.


Adonis was the first planet that was reached by an interstellar five second drop portal and the first planet colonized. In humanity's rush to colonize another planet, it was discovered that settling on an alien planet with it's own diverse ecology and abundant life wasn't the same as settling a new area on Earth. Humanity learned a lot, mostly what not to do.

After that the Military charter was written to include fledgling Planet First procedures. Their first job was to clean up Adonis and make it safe, after that they went on to open up other new colonies.

Adonis declared its independence in 2340 and formed its own government. The new laws included the stipulation that no Earth-based company was allowed to hold property on Adonis, which prompted the Wallam-Crane Portal Company to move to Adonis.


Planetary Specifications

Day / Night = 00 hrs. 00 min. 00 Sec.<ref>Title (p. #)</ref>

Year = abt. 14 Earth Months<ref>Title (ch. #)</ref>

Gravity = ##% lower or Same<ref>Title (p. #)</ref>


The first settlers were selected from all over and created new traditions.

They utilize an unique naming convention for all of those born on the planet

All names are in four parts:

  • First is a randomly generated gender specific name.
  • Second is a historic reference.
  • Third is the month of the Adonis year they are born in
  • Fourth is a Earth Nature Reference

The first 1000 colonists and their descendants are called Adonis Knights.

Extra Months names -

There extra months names are 'Seti' and 'Pleiades' (See Raven's and Ramon's articles}.


Adonis is the capital of Alpha Sector and it is the home of Alpha Sector Parliament overseen by the Aadi of Alpha sector.


When two of the first Adonis colonist keeled over and immediately died, humanity discovered that 1 in 1000 people have a faulty immune system that means they can only survive on Earth.

“When the first colonists portalled from Earth to Adonis, two of them died because they were Handicapped,” said Raven. “The first names carved on the walls of the Courtyards of Memory are Ernst Novak and Esperenza Nadal.”[1]

Flora and Fauna

Earth Species

Native Species

References and Notes


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