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Adonis Knights are descendants of the first colonists.

"The families of the first colonists on Adonis were honoured with the title of Adonis Knights. A core group of them got together and invented a code of honour and a set of trials based on the first colonists’ struggle to survive..".[1]

Mostly it is just means that they are rich aristocrats.

Trial Knights

But some go through the ordeal of 10 trials based on the first colonists struggle to survive. The ones that go through the trials have 10 black and white stripes marked on their face.


Raven shrugged. “There are only two possible careers for an Adonis Knight, politics and the Military. After completing the trials of Adonis, I took the Adonis Knight oath. ‘Knights shall demonstrate nobility, honour, grace, valour and perfection in all virtues, and be champions of justice.’”[2]

Earth Flight

The petition that the Adonis Knights presented to the Alpha Parliament wasn't just for reciprocal agreements between Earth and Alpha Sector but was far more reaching. By bringing Earth into a Sector it gave them the same rights as any other planet and the ability to vote for their own government and laws.


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