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Alien Contact is a special Military program tasked with undertaking peaceful and mutually beneficial first contact with newly discovered intelligent alien species. It had been mathematically proven that intelligent aliens must exist, and the Alien Contact charter had been in place for centuries.

When Planet First found intelligent aliens with their own technology, Alien Contact programme would activate. Military plans would swing into action, reallocating Military personnel and resources. Civilians on a constantly updated list of experts would get emergency mails calling them in for instant duty under Alien Contact emergency powers. Alien Contact had absolute authority over everything and everyone, since encountering an advanced alien species would either be the greatest opportunity in history, or the greatest ever threat to the survival of humanity.[1]

The Program was activated for the first-time during Earth Star in 2789 when an unmanned alien probe approached Earth and stopped in a geostationary orbit above Earth Africa.


Everything related to Alien Contact is classified code black. According to the Alien Contact charter, Joint Sector High Congress Committee must be immediately notified that the Program has been activated, and they may then convene to elect whether notify the full Parliament of Planets and/or the general public. Alien Contact has two known premises that must guide all decision making:

Premise One - Conflict should be avoided, if possible, since attacking an alien race of inferior technology is unnecessary, while attacking one of superior technology could result in the extinction of the human race. As such, an unprovoked attack should be avoided.

Premise Two - If aliens find humanity before humanity finds aliens, it should be assumed that they have superior technology.

Emergency powers

Because of this importance of ensuring a peaceful first contact, Alien Contact has a virtually unlimited budget, and all tactical decisions remain in the hands of the Military unless overridden by a vote of full Parliament.

Once activated, Alien Contact uses pre-empts to quickly directly portal vast amounts of materiel and personnel to the alien contact base without the public questioning why so many military personel are traveling to a specific location.

If necessary, the protection of humanity laws can be overridden under Alien Contact in order to safeguard the survival of humanity. In Earth Flight (Earth Girl 3), these laws are overridden when the implantation of Jarra's immune system control web encounters complications, and brain regrowth and brain pattern restoration are required.

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