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Alpha Sector surrounds the planet Earth and was the first sector colonized. Even though Earth is physically in the center of Alpha Sector, it was not politically or legally a part of Alpha Sector until 15 November 2789 when it was acknowledged and invited to have representatives in the Parliament of Planets as a member of Alpha Sector.

The last planet opened for colonization in 2365.


Alpha Sector is the most diverse in culture of the sectors as many of the planets were settled by immigrants from a specific country or region of Earth, however many were also open to anyone from Earth. Usually a planet that was settled by a specific country has their own heritage and culture influencing their society.

The first exoplanet settled by humanity was Adonis, which is the sector capital.

Alpha Sector has taken on the responsibility of being the Guardian's of Human Culture. Once humanity realized that the mass exodus from Earth meant many priceless artifacts were being left behind and untended they sent retrieval parties to take possession of whatever they could. This has caused much resentment from other sectors.

Names, Birthdays and Marriages

The planets in Alpha sector vary a great deal from each other. Many of the planets brought their original country's customs with them. Adonis has the most unusual naming custom.

Birthdays for the entire sector are determined by the actual birthday using interstellar standard Green Time of Earth Europe.

Since these planets have been settled the longest and most of the children go on to college, marriage doesn't usually happen until close to age 30.


Planet Pronunciation Brief Highlights
Academy Academy holds Military Headquarters and Alpha Sector Military Supply Manufactory.
Adonis Adonis is the capital for Alpha Sector. It was the first exoplanet that humanity colonized.
Apollo Nothing is yet known about Apollo.
Cassandra Cassandra was originally settled from Earth Africa.
Demeter (di·mee·tuhr) Demeter's native glowberry makes a strong tasting juice and isn't very popular off world[1].
Demeter has two moons and is the birth planet of General Marshal Renton Mai and the setting for the short story, Home for Christmas.
Danae (dan·uh·ee) Danae was originally settled from Earth India.
Earth Earth did not belong to any sector until the end of the Earth Girl Series, in the year 2789, when it was finally admitted to Alpha Sector that it has always been physically the center of.
Freya (fray·uh) Freya was home to Cioni's Apprentices, who were involved in their genetic guided parenthood program and behind a civil war, which they lost.
Hecate[2] (he·kuh·tee) Nothing is yet known about Hecate.
Hera (he·ruh) Hera was nearly destroyed by a rogue meteorite in 2781
Hestia (hes·tee·uh) Hestia was originally settled by two different areas of Earth, each were promised their own planet so both have viewed the others as illegal settlers which has caused violence to continue to flare up and escalate over the centuries.
Nagual (nah·wahl) Nagual was originally settled from Mexico, with the name coming from Mesoamerican folk religion.
Olympia Olympia is where the interstellar Olympics are held

Warning Notes for Travelers

Warning notes for travelers:- The worlds of Alpha sector are noted for their wealth and historic buildings. They have widely varying customs since many of them were colonized directly from specific areas of Earth. Visitors are strongly advised to check the detailed cultural information for each world before visiting it. They should also be aware that some worlds were selected for colonization when the Planet First selection criteria were less stringent. Length of day, and some other physical conditions, may be slightly outside the current norms.[3]

Special safety information

During the partial collapse of civilization after Exodus century, the population of Cassandra was forced to move continent. The sunshine intensity on the new inhabited continent of Cassandra is considered to be a low level health hazard. Travellers are warned to obtain individual medical advice before visiting the planet Cassandra.[3]

References and Notes


+ Parliament of Planets reps: In Earth 2788 Alpha sector has 1610. On page 228 of Earth Flight they have 1603 reps. For purpose of population calculation, the number 1610 was used.

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