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Old maid! Old maid! Amalie is the old maid!

–Amalie's Jain's Ford School classmates, [1]

Amalie is an 18-year-old from Epsilon sector and one of Jarra's University Asgard classmates. She is featured in the novella Frontier and the Earth Prime novelette "Balance of Power".


Personality and Characteristics

Amalie is highly intelligent, practical, and not afraid to speak her mind. She loves being a part of a frontier world, but is hesitant to follow frontier world conventions and immediately start a new family.

Early Years

Amalie was born on Miranda just a few years after Miranda opened for full colonization. She is the oldest daughter of eleven children and has spent most of her youth helping her mother care for her younger siblings. As a frontier daughter, Amalie is not expected to finish school but marry at seventeen and start a family.

After a family trip to Miranda's Memorial, Amalie began having occasional headaches. Due to the limited availability of medical personal on Miranda, she cannot see a specialist doctor for several months.

It was also during this trip that Amalie seeing the Miranda Ocean for the first time, started dreaming about visiting other worlds and experiencing more then just her beloved frontier culture.


Amalie Roche is the eldest daughter in a family of eleven children - six boys and five girls.

  1. Henri - oldest - During Earth Girl, he is accepted into a Colony Ten phase for a planet in Kappa Sector.
  2. Ansel -
  3. Amalie - 17 years old
  4. Lisbet - 16 years old
  5. Odette
  6. Cara
  7. Boy twin - 6 years old
  8. Girl twin - 6 years old
  9. 4 year old
  10. Toddler
  11. Baby



At 17, Amalie has had many respectable marriage proposals. She feels the pressure to marry, especially since she is now the last unmarried girl in her year's class. She had completed her Farming Certification and is taking extra study classes from Teacher Lomas.

Teacher Lomas suggests that Amalie study history at an off-world university. Miranda's Planetary Development Board would guarantee Amalie a lecturer position when University Miranda eventually opens.

While considering this, Amalie receives a marriage proposal from Rodrish Jain, son of the venerated Jain family. However, after Amalie accepts the proposal, she realises that marrying Rodrish would remove her from the frontier life she loves. More importantly, Amalie realises that Rodrish does not return her feelings. As a result, she decides to reject Rodrish's proposal and study to be a lecturer.

Amalie also sees a specialist about her headaches and is diagnosed with Type 4 Portal Intolerance.

Earth Girl

Due to her frontier planet background, Amalie is very familiar with operating hover sleds and heavy lift sleds. As a result, she is chosen as one of Asgard 6's Team 1 heavy lift operators.

Even though we do not see the events from her point of view, her personality shines through. Initially, Amalie struggles with the class material due to her lack of education. She also finds her new classmates and conditions on Earth overwhelming and outside of her comfort zone. As the series progresses, Amalie grows more confident in in her coursework and among her classmates.

Earth Star

Amalie continues as a heavy lift operator for Team 1. Throughout the story, she tries to teach Krath some common sense.

During the Ark evacuation and alien artefact excavation, Amalie assists Dalmora with her vid equipment. Amalie is also on the team that uncovers the alien artifact tunnel opening.

Whenever Jarra is absent from class, Amalie takes over as Team 1's tag leader with Krath as her tag support.

Earth Flight

Amalie continues to fill in for Jarra as Team 1 tag leader. She is one of Jarra's witnesses during Jarra and Fian's betrothal ceremony and also starts a Twoing contract with Krath.

Amalie finishes the Pre-history Foundation course as top of the class. She also decides to join Lecturer Playdon's Fortuna research team instead of continuing to pursue her history degree as planned. As the only Epsilon Sector civilian who was involved in alien contact, Amalie is famous throughout her home sector and feels it is her duty to continue to represent Epsilon Sector on Fortuna.

Earth Prime

Summary of The End, and a New Beginning, Twenty Seconds in Ark, and Raw Material

As part of Team 1, Amalie helps organise the class farewell party and banner souvenirs. She has refused the position of tag leader for Lecturer Playdon's Earth Prime team, stating that she does not have confidence in herself to make difficult choices.

When the Military orders Earth Prime to report early for Fortuna, Krath and Amalie make last visits their families on Asgard and Miranda.

While on Asgard, Amalie and Krath discuss how much Krath has improved over the past year.

Balance of Power

After Asgard, Amalie and Krath visit Miranda.

Amalie tells Krath what happened after Frontier ends. Rodrish was livid that Amalie rejected his proposal. He then set up a situation to discredit Amalie's integrity, which made her an outcast in her own community and broke her self-confidence. Her part in alien contact has greatly improved her community's view of her, but she is still unwilling to call out Rodrish's lies and behaviour.

However, Amalie learns that a newsies team wants to use Rodrish's lies against her and prevent her from going to Fortuna. Amalie discovers that she now has power to right what went wrong and help her home planet in the process. These events results in her gaining back her self-confidence and she decides that she can be a tag leader on Fortuna.

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