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“We aren’t civilians, we’re archaeologists!”[1]
We find more than history,” I said. “Just before Exodus century, human civilization was at its peak, building incredible places like Ark, Eden, and New Tokyo. Then everyone rushed off to new worlds, the Earth data net crashed, and we lost half of human knowledge. These ruins are full of clues to lost science, either preserved by pure chance or protected inside a stasis box.” “Lots of everyday items use ancient technology rediscovered by dig teams,” added Fian. “Food dispensers, impact suits, even hover luggage.”

–Jarra to Raven, [1]

In the future, history is divided by Modern History and Pre-history studies..


Anyone studying History, regardless if they want to be a Theoretical Historian or an Archaeologists, specialize in Modern History or Pre-History, must spend their foundation year on Earth in the same class where they all learn the basic of Dig sites and receive the same lectures.

There was a shakeup in history teaching twenty years ago, because so many historians had never been to Earth at all. That wasn’t so bad if they specialized in modern history, but even the leading experts in pre-history had never visited a single site.

–Narrative, [2]

Some universities, such as Danae decided to stop offering a history degree course and instead changed it to historical studies where they emphasis literature and philosophy and no pre-history.

Modern History

Is the period of time starting with the opening of the first planets in Alpha Sector to civilian settlement to present time.

Many schools restrict what they teach in history limiting instructions to just modern history and sometimes to just their own sector and planet.


Is all of time from the beginning of Modern History back to the dawn of time. It wasn't until 25 years before the start of the Earth Girl Trilogy that the requirement for a degree in history included spending any time on earth. Until it was discovered that many of the leading experts on Pre-History had never once set foot on earth, it was decided that all history foundation courses would be on Earth, excavating the ruins. Some universities such as the one on Danae, dropped their history courses or changed them to something like historical studies which largely consist of studies on historical literature and philosophy so that their students wouldn't have to go to Earth.

University Earth continues to be the leaders in History but few people outside of earth would even consider acknowledging that.

Theoretical History

Do as little excavation work as possible during their foundation course, these are people that are planning on being lecturers and modern history specialist and will probably never visit earth or a dig site again.

Research Teams

All or most of the universities that do teach Pre History, sponsor research teams as well as student teams. The research teams are professional archaeologist digging up the past at the various dig sites on earth.

Team 1 is usually the best team for that university, such as Earth 1, Asgard 1, etc

Student Teams

All History foundation

Student team numberings haven't been mentioned, assuming that their numbers start after the research team numbers. The same teacher appears to always keep the same number, such as Lecturer Playdon's teams are always Asgard 6.

The class teams are divided up into individual dig teams made up of specific roles.


  • Tag leader
  • Tag support
  • Sensors
  • Heavy lift operator
  • Heavy lift operator

Team 1 dig team is usually the best and Team 1 Tag leader is called the "Key Spot" because the rest of the class spends a lot of time sitting and watching that person work so learns either good or bad work habits from them. Often, the person in that role has a major influence on the rest of the class.

In a foundation year class, the students that are planning on being Theoretical Historians only do minimal excavations.


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