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Use the defaultsort magic word if the article name starts with The. It has to be added to the very top of the page.

{{DEFAULTSORT:Title, The}}

The Input Form auto assigns the article to the Category:Archaeology.

Not all parameters have to be filled in. Include the template and remove the pre tags.

 | title         = Cassandra Prime
 | image         = 
 | type          = Xenoarchaeology, Archaeology or something else
 | date          = 2790
 | location      = [[Fortuna]]
 | first         = [[Rono Kipkibor]]  
 | second        = 
 | third         = 
 | fourth        = 
 | fifth         = 
 | sixth         =
 | books         = 
 | stories       = ''[[The End, and the New Beginning]]''

Not all section headers have to be used, new ones can replace or be in addition to these as they are only meant as an example. Please include the References and Notes section in all articles.



References and Notes


A good area to add one of the context-link templates such as

{{further|<source name>}}


{{see also|<source name>}}


<references />