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Armed Agent Weapons

Used prior to Exodus Century. When the Earth Datanet was lost, the ability to make them was also lost.

Armed Agent weapons were used by the Military Security and were bonded to their owners for life. The weapon was bonded to them via tendrils that entered the host via the hand and arm, worked their way up to the brain. The gun used the hosts body for emergency energy, thus if the agent continued to fire passed its charge, the agent will die.

The agent could hear the voice of the weapon internally as well as see a tracking display. The tracking display could be set to color code different life forms that the agent wants to track.

Laser Pulse Weapons

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Projectile Weapons

Sniper Rifle

by Exodus Century guns were no longer made for civilian use. When the governments of Earth united under one government in the 23rd century, one of the new laws made was that all guns had to be disabled.

Used by Cage in Scavenger Blood it was the rifle that Thaddeus Ignatius Wallam-Crane kept displayed on his wll because it was used in an assignation attempt. Left behind by the Wallam-Crane family it was secured within the Citadel.


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