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Once one of the important Betan worlds, in 2658 Artemis's solar array power beam was unleashed on the planet, killing 47,000 people, leaving immense scars on the planet and its surviving inhabitants.


In 2658, Ceron Augustus challenged his brother Faron to become Emperor of the Second Roman Empire, Ceron fled before his brother could arrest him. Ceron and his supporters highjacked Artemis' solar array and held the planet hostage, expecting his brother to step down and let Ceron take over. When Feron refused to step down, Ceron turned the power beam onto the planet and carved a deep rift across settlements, killing 47,000 people.

When the citizens of Zeus found out, they overthrew Feron and pleaded with the Cross Sector Military for their help. The Military drop portalled twelve two-man ships to surround the array. Ceron turned the power beam on to two of the ships, instantly vaporizing them. Ceron died resisting arrest.[1]

All of Beta Sector solar arrays were returned to Military control. The reunification treaty was signed on Artemis and became known as the "Reunification Treaty of Artemis".

Four Military officers died during the final confrontation and a new medal was created by the Military, it is the highest medal to be awarded.

My clan are particularly aware of the events back in 2658, because one of the four Military officers killed regaining control of the Artemis solar array was a clan member. Those four officers became the first holders of the Artemis medal, so the sunburst of the Artemis will always have a special place in my clan members’ hearts.”

–Drago to Betha, [2]


Planetary Specifications

Day / Night = 00 hrs. 00 min. 00 Sec.

Year = 00 Earth Months

Gravity = ##% lower or Same

Moon(s) -

The inhabited continent of Artemis was very long and thin. I could be in a hotel in the western highlands, the eastern marshes, or near the great rift itself.

–Lolia, [3]

Characters / Clans

  • Lin Clan:
    • Brandon Lin Milan - (Drago's Green Yellow wing leader)

Flora and Fauna

Earth Species

Native Species

References and Notes


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