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University Asgard Pre-history Foundation Course in 2789. There are 30 members of the class plus the lecturer.

“Welcome to University Asgard Pre-history Foundation course at the New York Dig Site. I’m Lecturer Playdon. You are . . .?”'

–Playdon to Jarra, [1]

Class members

  1. Dalmora Rostha – From Danae in Alpha Sector
  2. Lolia - Bata Sector - Artemis
  3. Lolmack - Bata Sector - born on unknown planet, lived in an orphanage in Alpha sector, before moving to Artemis as an adult
  4. Joth - Gamma Sector (Died during Earth Star)
  5. Krath - Gamma Sector - born on unknown planet, but was living on Asgard just before Earth Girl
  6. Petra - Gamma Sector - Asgard (Wasn't mentioned until beginning of Earth Star, left class in Earth Flight)
  7. Kai - Gamma Sector - Beowulf
  8. Steen - Gamma Sector - Asgard
  9. Fian - Delta Sector - Hercules
  10. unnamed - Delta Sector
  11. Amalie - Epsilon Sector - Miranda
  12. Jarra - Earth/Military
  13. Hinata
  14. Akram
  15. Sudi
  16. Laik - a talented artist

14 other classmates that were never mentioned by name.

Team 1

  • Jarra - Tag leader
  • Fian - Tag support
  • Dalmora Rostha - Sensors
  • Krath - Heavy lift operator, substitute Tag support
  • Amalie - Heavy lift operator, substitute Tag leader

While Jarra spent three months in the tank, Amalie acted as Tag Leader with Kraith as her Tag support. They had various other Asgard 6 act as temporary Heavy lift operators. By all accounts Amalie was brilliant at it but found the position stressful.

Team 2

  •  ?
  • Laik - Tag support
  • Kai - Sensors
  • Akram - Heavy lift operator, substitute Heavy lift operator for team 1
  • Sudi - Heavy lift operator, substitute Heavy lift operator for team 1


Team 4

  • Steen - Tag Team Leader


Most of the events that take place in the trilogy center around Team 1

References and Notes


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  1. Edwards, Janet. Earth Girl (Earth Girl series Book 1) (p. 30). Prometheus Books. Kindle Edition.