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Colonization was delayed for 5 years when the Earth Loyalist party came into power. In 2370 the Expansionists came into power and colonization opened up again along with a mass exodus of people from Earth.

After exodus century when Earth was no longer able to provide the colonies with technology and even basic supplies, the Betans pulled together in Clan and Craft clusters. They very loosely based their societies on a misinterpretation of the Roman and Greek Empires of Earth. There were many initial misconceptions that took hold and helped to shape their way of life. When the interstellar portals and other needed technologies started breaking down due to age and Earth was no longer able to supply parts or replacements, they brought all of their scientist together in the Fidelis Project on Zeus. Essentially because of this they were able to save human civilization across space by recreating Interstellar portals.

Fidelis becomes their core belief. Fidelis to their partner(s). Fidelis to their Clan, Fidelis to their Planet & Sector.

Beta sector uses the hand over the heart salute, this was more than likely adopted because of Tad's involvement with the Fidelis project at the end of Exodus century. Tad learned it from Blaze while he was marooned on Earth just before heading to Zeus.

“Donnell says that the Military salute points to the head, but the important things come from the heart.” “That’s true,” said Tad. “Especially things like loyalty..."[1]


Planet Pronunciation Brief Highlights
Aether No other info.
Artemis Home of Lolia & Lolmack and the final confrontation at the end of the 2nd Roman Emperor.
Atalanta No other info
Janus No other info
Pyrrhus Where Seamus Donnelly aka Seamus Blaze went after leaving New York
Romulus Beta Sector Interchange 3[2] and home of the Wallam-Crane sanctuary center that people, in particular Deltans can go to for safety.
Thetis The planet was infested with Chimera, a lethal animal with many appearances.
Zeus Sector Capital planet and the home of the gentes maiores clan halls. Twin Moons. Roughly a 25 hr. day.

Warning notes for travelers

Beta sector has a distinctive clan based culture, and is widely regarded as the most permissive of all the sectors. Around 17% of marriages in Beta sector involve triad rather than duo relationships. Betans have a minimal nudity taboo, and you will hear words in common usage that are regarded as unacceptable in other sectors.[3]


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Fidelis Project

At the end of Exodus Century when the interstellar portals started to fail after the collapse of industry and manufacturing on Earth, Beta Sector started the Fidelis Project on Zeus.

The Fidelis Project got its name because it’s based on faith and loyalty. Every Betan world is sending precious experts and resources to Zeus and trusting them to recreate interstellar portal technology.

–Tad, [1]

Zeus sent a delegation to Adonis to talk to Tad and to recruit him to head up the project. Their plan was to have every Betan world send their best portal technicians and other scientist to Zeus to recreate portal technology using simpler parts that can be manufactured on the colony worlds.

Tad came to New York to visit the old Wallam-Crane Musuem and to recover an early prototype of the Rosetta component; which allowed portals to be dialed to their connecting destination instead of the more sophisticated component that can no longer be manufactured.

There’s a component in every portal that’s tuned to its own position in space, and is key to successfully locating and connecting to destination portals.

–Tad to Blaze, [2]

Second Roman Empire

2605 – Beta Sector declares the Second Roman Empire.
In the prior two centuries when humanity was striving to survive Beta sector created the clan and craft alliance system.
In the early 2400’s they created the Fidelis Project to bring together all of its scientist to recreate portal technology and other needed sciences. The other sectors never admitted that it was this project that saved humanity and Beta Sector came to resented it.
The final breaking point for Beta sector was when Alpha and Gamma sectors trying to impose their moral codes and marriage criteria on Beta Sector. Predominantly by enacting laws in the Parliament of Planets that would impose a 2 person marriage definition for every sector and planet thus negating Beta's triad marriages. They also tried to pass laws that would disallow Betan betrothal contracts.
This lack of respect for Beta Sectors laws and society caused them to break away and form their own government loosely based on the ancient Roman Empire.
2658 – The Second Roman Empire ends.
Faron Augustus, becomes the third Emperor of the Second Roman Empire, his brother Ceron challenges it. The Emperor sends troops to arrest Ceron but he flees to Artemis’s solar array and holds the planet hostage. After turning the power beam onto the surface and killing thousands of people, the citizens of Zues overthrew Faron and said they would crown Ceron with the laurel leaves, but sent an urgent plea to the Cross Sector Military. The Military responded by sending enough ships via drop portal, and bouncing their signal across half of Beta Sector, to surround the Aretmis array. Ceron died during the action to arrest him.
“We would not abandon Fidelis when the revisionists demanded conformity with other sectors. We declared the Second Roman Empire and stood alone. When that empire ended with the reunification treaty of Artemis, other sectors swore to respect our customs and honour our betrothal and marriage contracts..."[3]
Reunification Treaty
The reunification treaty of Artemis spelled out certain conditions and one of them was that the other sectors needed to respect and legally recognize Beta Sector's betrothals.


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Dialect and Gestures


All sectors seem to have some sort of unique "Sector" dialect, Betan's dialect seems to be based on Latin, but probably not pure latin. There are specific terms for all of the various, complicated family relations.


Various hand gestures are used in Beta section to have specific meanings instead of using words.

a horizontal, air-slicing movement with his left hand
classic Betan gesture of rejection.
right forefinger twirled in a circle
means "The discussion was over".


Beta Sector is the most permissive sector in humanities space. While the other sectors have imposed strong moral codes and prudish behavior on their worlds, Beta sector has been more tolerant. But in their own way they have very strict guidelines.

Betan's don't have as strong of nudity taboos as other sectors.

When the other sectors tried to force their moral codes on the Betan's it was one of the factors that drove them to declare the Second Roman Empire and seceded from the other worlds of humanity.

They are considered very sexually permissive, but in truth they are only sexually permissive up until a betrothal.

They believe that it is ok to have casual relationships prior to a betrothal, once a person enters into a betrothal contract then all other relationships must end and Fidelis to their partner(s) is the overriding principles.

They do not do twoing or threeing contracts, because to them they feel it is wrong to have end dates set in advance on a relationship. They accept that relationships can fail and that they will end, but to set an end date in advance is against Fidelis.


Betans do not believe in relationship contracts or term marriages, since they all have an end date and feel that to go into a relationship with a preset end date is against Fidelis. Since the clan is not involved in these type of contracts they feel that it is dishonorable. Betrothals are used which as a legal component under the reunification treaty and all of the other sectors and planets treat it as a continuous series of relationship contracts until they are told to stop.

A Betan can be 16 to enter into a Betrothal.


Many of those in the military clans marrying non-betans, when that happens then the outlander is adopted into the clan. If the betrothal and/or marriage lasts for more then a year and a day, they retain their dual citizenship if both their home sector and Beta Sector.

In Beta Sector, Duel or Triad marriages are perfectly legal.

Marriage by Declaration

If declared in front of a clan gathering, the marriage is legal and binding, but considered very disreputable because it didn’t involve either clan consent or a formal contract.[2]

Triad Marriages

Betan dialect has a lot of different words to describe the possible triad relationships. There is one where two of the partners have a deep platonic love for each other. There is another where two of the partners have a deep platonic hatred for each other.

–Riak, [3]


Betan naming conventions for those born into a clan, includes the clan prefix somewhere in their name. For the true clans it usually falls in the middle but for clan clusters it is used as a prefix.

Since the majority marry outside of their own clans, the children's clan identity would be of the higher ranking clan and the family would belong to that clan. But the spouse from the lower rank clan will keep their own clan identity or if originally not from Beta, they would not adopt the clan prefix. The children though will use the high clan identifier.
Female children's surname is the same as their Mother's and male surname is the same as their father's. For triad marriages the same sex partners will decide together what the surname will be.


Calculated using a person's actual birthdate based on interstellar standard Green Time of Earth Europe.[4]


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Clans and Alliances

With the break down of Portal technology Beta Sector created the clans and alliance system to group similar skills together with the intention of passing the training on down through the generations.

To help provide food for their clans, each clan had an attached farm. After the new portals reconnected the planets, the farms were not as critical, but each clan continued to maintain either a farm, a park or gardens.

Alliances are centered around clans with similar skills and abilities. A clan from the gentes maiores heads up each alliance. Such as the Tell Clan heads up the Military Alliance. The expression, "Banners of the 50" refers to the alliance banners.

Togas for both men and women became their formal wear.

The Highest level of clans are referred to as "gentes maiores" which is from Latin meaning Major families (or something like that). The Gentes Maiores consisted of the founding families of Zeus, except for the Tell clain. Tallon Blaze was originally from the middle rank, Blaze clan, but after Thetis Betan's granted him the right to found a clan of the gentes maiores on Zeus and built him a magnificent clan house.

The clans all belong to an alliance centered around politics or business interests and which cross the social divides. The Military alliance is headed by the Tell clan but includes other clans from different ranks mostly middle clans.

The clans are either highest or gentes maiores, Middle rank or plebeian clan/clan clusters. Lolia and Lomack from the Earth Girl trilogy are from a clan cluster of the lowest rank.

Clans Mentioned



  • Lin[1], - An unassuming clan of the middle rank,
  • Lol ( clan cluster), Louth [2] - Becomes a true Clan in Nov. 2789


Unknown Home Planet:

for more information, visit Category:Clans

Reactionary Faction

There have been a few mentions of a "Reactionary Faction", but little actual information. By the few statements about them, they are extremely conservative and limit the role that women can play in their clans.

"...Your reference to reactionary attitudes to women is, at a minimum, inappropriate. Given reactionary views on women holding positions of authority in clans, it could even be regarded as insulting to the female members of alliance council.”[9]
"...faced with a split between August and Fabian, the rest of the reactionary faction will either vote with August or abstain."[10]

Military Alliance

Clans that are predominantly Military, led by the Tell Clan. Two of the original four military Clans are March and Bran.


When a new Clan is formed and approved, the heralds cry their name to the Four wind on their home planet.


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