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Mentioned in the Novella The End, and the New Beginning and the Novel Hestia 2781


Tellon Blaze was born into a clan of the middle rank, but after the Thetis crisis a grateful Beta sector honoured him by granting him the right to found a new clan of the rank of the gentes maiores.

–narrative, [2]

25th Century

26th Century

27th Century

28th Century



Tellon Blaze
Hero of Thetis and founder of the Tell Clan.

Brief Appearances or Mentions

Mordred Blaze Garrick
b. c.2759 Between Jaxon and Drago in age. He would instigate events then when caught would act the wounded innocent and blame who ever was around.[3]

Trivia and Misc.

References and Notes

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Note from the editor:

The clan banner & pin are totally from my imagination and usually based on something in the story. No mention has ever been made that the clans have a "motto", but I thought it would be appropriate. At this point we have no information that I could use for an Iconic image on the banner, we will just have to wait to see what brings them to Beta Sector to complete the banner.

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