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Personality and Characteristics

Blaze has been quite and kept to the back ground for the 6 years prior to the beginning of the series. She felt that she could trust her only friend Hannah. Because of her brother Seamus's betrayal and that her father never really talked to her, the other resistance members ignored her.

Early Years

When Blaze was 11 years old, London was devastated by a fire storm caused by the solar power energy safety system breaking down.

Her and some of the others from the resistance and Ice's gang were able to escape vie a hard wired portal to the New York where her father was. Her mother died in the fire, but her brother and distant cousin Ice escaped with her. During the next 6 years because of her brother's betrayal she lives a quite and lonely existence, ostracized by the other resistance members and kept isolated by her best friend Hannah.

Soon after her arrival in New York, Cage a bully and power hungry member of Manhattan Division, frightened her badly by picking her up and dangling her over the cook fire pit. Her hair caught on fire and she desperately fought back by biting his arm. The bit became infected and left a scar, perfect imprint of her teeth, on Cage's arm. This scar was a source of ridicule at Cage in the intervening years.

Also because of this fright, she cut her hair as short as possible and kept it that way until she defeated cage when she was 18 during the events in Scavenger Alliance.

The Scavenger Exodus series is told from her point of view and starts on her 18th birthday.


Blaze never met her father until after they portalled to New York during the London firestorm when she was age 11. Her mother never mentioned his name or talked to her about him. The London resistance members and her brother told her who he was and a little about him, but when she arrived in New York he was a stranger to her.


Sean Donnelly b. 2351 in Dublin

“That’s the legendary Sean Donnelly for you. The Earth Loyalist Party recruited him when he was only fourteen. They thought they were getting an innocent boy singer with a passionate love for Earth. They rapidly discovered that Donnell had his wild side, but the passionate love for Earth was real. Donnell became the image of the Earth Loyalist Party, grabbing the hearts of everyone who heard him sing.”[1]

When he portalled to London to negotiate an alliance between Ice's gang and the remaining resistance members he met Keira and fell instantly in love.


Keira Helena O’Shaughnessy b. 2360 Dublin d. c. 2401 London (firestorm)

Her parents and all of the children finally was able to immigrate off-world in 2375.

“One in a thousand people had an immune system problem that meant they’d die on any world other than Earth. My mother had been one of them. She’d stepped out of the portal on Danae, the Alpha sector world that was the first step on their journey, collapsed, and the people there dialed a portal to send her back to Earth.”[2]

When When Keira collapsed her parents decided to continue on to Beta Sector with the two younger children and left her alone on Earth. Keira was 15 and after collecting some clothes and food from their home set it on fire, she was caught, convicted, stamped and released. She made her way to London where she had a distant cousin. She managed to find Ice and joined his gang.


Seamus, about 5 years older then her. Born c. 2385.

When he arrived in New York from the London firestorm all of the resistance members were practically worshipping him as Donnell's logical heir to the leadership. Even though he was only 16 practically everyone insisted that Donnell make him a resistance officer. But Seamus was fighting his own demons and the additional pressure was more then he could handle, so he ended up by arranging for places for him and Blaze to go to one of the new colonizes in Beta Sector. Blaze refused to leave Earth so he went alone.

He immigrated to Pyrrhus under the name of Seamus Blaze.

Family References

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Scavenger Alliance Summary

The story starts out with her seeing an airplane land in Manhattan. Because of problems the 3 off-worlders from the plane make their way to the Parliament House where the remnants of humanity in New York live.

Unbeknownst to Blaze, her father and her nemesis, Cage, all have plans for her that start on her 18th birthday.

6 years before the start of the book

When Blaze first arrived in New York, after surviving the London Fire Storm that took her mother's life, she was terrified of fire. Cage, a man that thinks that the whole world revolves around him and what he wants terrorizes Blaze by dangling her over the fire pit. This resulted in her hair catching on fire and her fighting back by biting his arm. The bite got infected and resulted in leaving a scar. Over the years that bite mark has been used to antagonize and tease Cage.

Cage wants power and the Power that Donnell has over the entire Alliance is what he is aiming for, no matter what he has to do to get it. So he went to Donnell and suggested that he would marry Blaze if Donnelly made him a resistance officer. But Donnell was able to put him off until Blaze turned 18 since she was only 11 at that time.

Donnell has an Armed Agent Weapon and unbeknownst to everyone else, he has another one hidden away that he was originally going to give to his son when he turned 18. Since soon after arriving in New York his son betrays the Alliance and goes off world to Beta sector, Blaze refused to leave earth. Donnell decides to give the armed agent weapon to Blaze so it will help protect her from Cage. He was planning on talking to her on her 18th Birthday about several things including warning about Cage and offering the weapon, but most of the talk was delayed because that was the same day the 3 off worlders arrived at the Parliament house.

Present Day year 2408, Winter

It is Blaze's 18th Birthday and the first thing that happens is Cage offers to marry her because no one else would want the sister of a traitor. Blaze just answers with a strong No. Her best friend Hannah came with her from London, but Hannah is always winning about something and wants Blaze to help her.

Once the off worlders show up, Donnell assigns them to Blaze to keep them out of trouble. Tad is only around 19 with Phoenix and Braden older so Blaze had assumed when she first saw them that Braden was the leader of the group. When Tad stepped forward as the leader this stunned Blaze. Tad is an arrogant Aphan use to everyone listening to him and doing what he wants. He is very talkative, asking a lot of questions and seems eager to help Donnell and Blaze. Donnell become suspicious of his knowledge of random information, so tests him and discovers that Tad was webbed and who he really is. When Donnell discovers that, he drags Tad up to the roof to show him New York, a city that is falling apart and dangerous for anyone living there. Donnell rants about how it was Tad's family that brought the Earth that he loved to ruin and threatens to throw him off the building. Blaze along with all of the resistance officers followed them to the roof. When Donnell leaves and tells them to deal with Tad,

There was another brief silence before Julien spoke. “Did Donnell mean we should kill this leech?” I waited for Machico to say something, but he didn’t. Nobody else was saying anything either.[1]

Blaze steps forward:

“No,” I repeated. “Donnell just meant someone should take Tad away and lock him up.”

“It didn’t sound like that to me,” said Julien.[1]

“Because I won’t let you bring dishonour on the name of the Earth Resistance. I won’t let you shame us by murdering prisoners of war.”

Julien hesitated, frowning, and someone else finally spoke. Not Machico, or Luther, but Aaron. “Blaze is right. The Earth Resistance doesn’t murder prisoners of war.”[1]

Blaze gets him to his room and sits outside until everyone else leaves for dinner, then she hustles all three of them into her suite where she has 8 bolts on the door to keep unwelcomed visitors out.

The next morning, while the alliance members were deciding if they should send out hunting parties because of the rain, Machico calls Blaze over with the other leaders and asked her opinion. Based on the decisions of each divisions leader after Blaze informed them that the rain was stopping, it became an informal vote of accepting Blaze as an officer. Blaze was stunned by this decision, not only had most of the Division leaders never allowed or accepted a woman in a position of power before, she had no idea that her father was planning on making her an officer.

Making Blaze an officer, a position that Cage wanted if he married her, infuriated him and escaladed the problems he was planning on causing Donnell to take the Alliance leadership away from him. Donnell decides to send Blaze and Tad off to scavenge supplies. With Tad's web he was able to locate a likely place where there were medical supplies stowed, something the Alliance desperately needed.

Early the next morning Cage and Hannah ambushed them in the boat house, seriously damaging Blaze's shoulder. Using unarmed combat Tad defeated and humiliate Cage. Hannah showed that all along she had been working for Cage and herself and that she wasn't Blaze's friend.

While on the way to the supply depot Tad consulted via his Web with an Earth Doctor and found out what he needed to treat Blaze's injury. Once they arrived at the depot they discovered that it was still fully stocked with medical supplies and medicines held in stasis boxes. As soon as he found what he needed to fix Blaze, he explained to her what he did and she agreed to the treatment. She had to stay immobile for 36 hours. While the treatment was working, Tad gathered the medicines to take back. During the night there was a fire in a neighboring building which panicked Blaze, but Tad was able to get the exterior fire defenses going in the building that they were in which also resulted in all of the electrical power in New York being turned on.

When Blazes time was up, they discovered that she was perfectly healed but than Tad became sick with the winter fever that had killed so many of the Alliance earlier that winter.

In New York, Phoenix and Braden had gotten sick with Winter fever so Donnell realized that Tad was probably sick too. He brought the reproduction paddle boat up river along with a couple of his officer and he got Blaze, Tad and the medicines on board and back to New York. Once they arrived at the Parliament House Cage comes up to Blaze and ask her if she is going to do what he wants and she tells him no. He starts to call General Justice on Blaze, a form of accusing someone of a crime against the alliance, for hiding an injury and making Hannah do all of her work, an exaggeration that Hannah supported. When Blaze proves that there was nothing wrong with either of her arms or shoulders, she in turn calles general justice on Cage for stealing and hording medicine.

Blaze got the required support from enough people so Cage was locked up. Donnell offers the Armed Agent Weapon to Blaze to protect herself and the off worlders from Cage and his supporters, knowing full well that Cage would get out of jail and kill Blaze in retaliation. She accepted knowing that an Armed Agent Weapon was permanent and that it would be affixed to her arm and brain for life.

Wall, Cage's division leader and no supporter of his, was watching the jail cell and saw when Cage got out so followed him into the hospital wing to protect Blaze. Things didn't work out as hoped and Cage got away. Blaze assured Wall that she didn't hold him responsible and when others accused him, she stood up for him. This resulted in Wall giving his and his divisions allegiance to Blaze.

Blaze and Donnell learn from Machico that New York would be going up in a fire storm in the coming summer, just the way London had. Donnell didn't want to believe it, he was ok with leaving New York for a safer place to live but he wanted to take a couple of years to plan and prepare. When Machico insisted that it would be this year, they called Tad in to use his web and to figure out if that was true.

Blaze was confirmed as Deputy Alliance Leader, Donnell's second. Than they announced to all divisions that the Alliance would be leaving that spring because a fire storm was coming. Ice the London Division leader didn't hesitate to agree to go with them. Blaze gave a speech that convinced Brooklyn and Manhattan division to go with them too.

Tad and Blaze realize that they have feelings for each other, but the next few years would be difficult. Tad wouldn't leave earth until he knew they were settled into a safer location.


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Scavenger Blood Summary

Starts shortly after Scavenger Alliance ends. Blaze is now the Deputy leader of the Alliance and has earned the respect of the Division leaders including Wall of Manhattan, who has always been against women in authority.

A lot happens in Scavenger Blood, but not much specific to Blaze, though the story is from her POV.

Blaze continues to grow into her role as Alliance Deputy, gaining respect and helping to hold everything together while trying to find Cage.

One of the places the looky for him is in the old underground subway tunnels. Blaze, along with Tad, Watson and Veejay, find an intact subway train and they find Cage near the Parliament house, but they and the train are aways from him. Blaze jumps on the train and has Tad activate the 3rd rail, she tells Watson and Veejay to jump on the train or she will leave them behind. As the train nears Cage he spots the moving train with horror and trys to shoot it, it hits him a glancing blow but enough to make him drop the sniper rifle and injure his arm.

Once Tad has determined that Cage is holed up in the Citadel, the old Wallam-Crane fortress with their mansion on the roof, they along with Donnell and the Division leaders head out to confront and attempt to capture him. After he sends drone missals at them and Blaze nearly dies while saving her father's life Tad activates the steel shields that incase the building in metal, imprisoning Cage.

When they return Cage supporters make their move and isolate Blaze, the three off worlders and Nadira in Sanctuary. Cage supporters threaten to take Blaze hostage and kill the rest unless Donnell gives in to their demands. Blazes hears this and gets the rest to the roof where they make a stand until Donnell can rescue them. Blaze convinces a couple of them to change sides and fight with her. They hold them own with minor injuries until help arrives.

After Cage supporters are locked up and it is decided that they will be taken to be imprisoned with Cage, Blaze learns the truth about what happened in the London Fire Storm, that it wasn't her brother that carried her to safety but Ice. She also learns the full extent of Hannah's betrayal and so she is sent with Cage supporters.

After the group taking the prisoners to be locked up return, Blaze and Donnell calls a full meeting and informs everyone of everything that they had to hide until it was safe to reveal it.


This book is yet to be published. The page will be updated when we find out more.

Scavenger Exodus Summary


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