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During the partial collapse of civilization after Exodus century, the population of Cassandra was forced to move continent. The sunshine intensity on the new inhabited continent of Cassandra is considered to be a low level health hazard. Travellers are warned to obtain individual medical advice before visiting the planet Cassandra.

–narrative, [1]


Planetary Specifications

Day / Night = 00 hrs. 00 min. 00 Sec.<ref>Title (p. #)</ref>

Year = 00 Earth Months<ref>Title (ch. #)</ref>

Gravity = ##% lower or Same<ref>Title (p. #)</ref>


University Cassandra has never been one of the more popular universities to attend cross sector, so when the new rankings for cross sector applications came in at the end of 2789, it shocked everyone that they moved up nearly 200 places to #4.[2]

Flora and Fauna

Earth Species

Native Species

References and Notes


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