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The Cassandra 2 Research Team appears in all 3 of the original earth girl books and in the short story “Year End 2788”.

They are a professional archaeology research team affiliated with Cassandra University. The planet Cassandra is in Alpha Sector and was originally settled from Earth Africa.

At least several of the team members are not from Cassandra, but were part of the pre-foundation class that was helping University Cassandra create Earth research teams.

The team leader, Rono, is a loud and colorful character and plays an important role in the Earth Girl trilogy. He is also the lead in the historic rock and roll band "Rono and the Replays".

“The Cassandra 2 team members kept making jokes about the things that happen around Jarra,” continued Krath. “Crashing spacecraft, alien artefacts, and social revolutions!

–Krath, [1]

Rono and his team were first introduced in "Earth Girl" while at New York dig site a building fell on top of the entire team and buried them. Asgard 6 was the only team that could get to them and rescue them within the two hour limit for their impact suits. Jarra acted as tag leader during the rescue. Stephen was the only one seriously injured and had to spend time in the tank, so missed out on the Solar 5 rescue.

Cassandra 2 Research Team

Appears in all 3 of the original Earth Girl books. They are mentioned as one of the ground fire fighting crews in Earth and Fire, they are featured along with Playdon in the short story "Year End 2788" and the novella "The End, and the Beginning" in the collection "Earth Prime (The Earth Girl Aftermath Stories Book 1)".

Rono Kipkibor - Team Leader

Team 1

  • Keren – Tag leader (Married to Rono)
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • unnamed

Team 2

  • Jerez Rivera, doubles as Team lead of team 2, or an extra heavy lift operator, whichever is needed. (Novelette featured in Earth Prime)
  • Stephen – Tag leader
  • Katt - Team 2 Tag support, married to Stephen
  • Unnamed
  • unnamed

In "Earth Girl" during the rescue of Solar 5 space ship after it crashed landed at New York Dig site, Stephen and Katt were at the hospital, so Jarra and Fian worked with the other members of Team 2 and was known as Asgard 6.

Cassandra 2 were often one of the first teams to volunteer to assist with everything. After Jarra and Fian were injured at the Eden dig site because of a partially activated lab that created a magnetic field, Cassandra 2 and one of the Earth teams went in afterwards using non-standard methods, to find out what was causing the magnetic field and to shut it down.

They assisted with the excavation of the alien artifact and were one of the first teams to volunteer to go to Fortuna and to help create the degree course that will end up being Xenoarchaeology.

Keren waved his arms. “We realized the Military would need archaeologists to work on those ruins. Cassandra 2 was among the first dig teams to volunteer. Being true nardle brains, we didn’t even think about the major problem with going to Fortuna until some of the other teams started messaging us.”[2]


The entire team has volunteered to go to Fortuna and to become Xenoarchaeologist where their team name will be Cassandra Prime.

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