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Planets only have individual pages if there is enough information for an article. Most planets have a line or two included on their Tab on the Sector page.

the Portal Future humanity has only explored a tiny percentage of the Milky Way

–Janet,

The Portal Future books have a very comprehensive world building that is added to with each book, story and novella. This category attempts to detail all of the unique features of the worlds created by the Author.

By 2789 humanity has colonized about 1200 planets throughout the galaxy. Each sector except the newest ones have around 200 planets each.

Each sectors covers a huge amounts of space, the people really have no concept of just how far apart each world is because the Portals are instantaneous travel from one place to the next. Even crossing sectors only takes a few hours and that time is spent mostly waiting at transit points.

Alpha Sector is centered on the planet Earth. Beta, Delta and Gamma Sectors are in the next layer out and surrounding Alpha Sector. Then the next layer out includes Epsilon with most of their planets of first Generation settlers. Kappa is still in Planet First and Zeta is just beginning to be surveyed during the events in the Earth Girl Trilogy.

Planets are names from Earth Mythology. A few planets have been named based on Shakespeare's characters. Then there is Winter?

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