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“No, this is totally amaz!”[1]

Cheese Fluffle is a type of food that Jarra first discovers in Earth and Air when her and her three charges are waiting in the America Major Incident Centre 3 to be released.

It is featured prominently and mentioned often in both Earth Star and Earth Flight and is almost the only food that Jarra eats when she is at Zulu Base.

Official Description

July 26, 2015

What exactly do you imagine cheese fluffle to be like?

Now I’m sure I told someone about cheese fluffle before, but I’ve hunted round and can’t find it. Jarra is passionate about cheese fluffle, but has only ever done camp fire cooking at dig sites. She buys her cheese fluffle ready made in cartons, so I’ve only been able to get vague information from her about the process of making it. Fian is totally useless on this subject, because you only have to say the word cheese fluffle and he throws cushions at you.

So this is an approximation at best. You bake potatoes until they are really soft inside. Scoop out all the potato from the skins and put it in a bowl. While the potato is still piping hot, add equal amounts of grated hard, strong tasting cheese. Mix thoroughly, reheating as necessary so the cheese melts into the potato, and ‘fluffle’ it thoroughly with a fork. To add the correct extra tang to the taste, you have to wait until the invention of interstellar portals to get the correct seasonings from Alpha sector worlds, so maybe skip that bit.

Jarra likes eating her cheese fluffle with toasted wafers. 28th century toasted wafers are similar to toasted slices of bread, but quite a dark brown and flat as if they use bread that hasn’t risen properly.

(SOURCE: Author's Website | Newsletter)

References and Notes


If anyone has experimented with making "Cheese Fluffle", please feel free to add comments below about what seasonings that you used and any helpful tips.

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