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Tellon Blaze made his legendary call to the General Marshal on Academy in Alpha sector. “The Planet First team thought there were thousands of different animal species on Thetis, and they’d eliminated all the dangerous ones, sir,” he said. “They were wrong. There’s only one species on Thetis. Everything is different forms of the chimera!”

–narrative, [1]


Early to mid 26th century, the planets and sectors were recovering from the near collapse of Exodus century and once again humanity was recklessly expanding through out the universe and restraining the Military's Planet First protocols in checking out new planets for colonization.

While cadets from the Military academy were on a routine visit to a new planet preparing for Colonization phase, (Hand over ceremony?) they were attacked by the local animal life. While everyone else was running away in fear, Tellon Blaze, an 18 year old cadet, stepped forward and started to fight the animals, rallying his classmates to fight to protect the citizens.

The planet is Thetis in Beta Sector.


The chimera hadn’t been intelligent, but they were a savage killing species with an advanced chameleon-like ability which let them merge into any shadow. That had let them get on board our ships, sneak through the old portals that didn’t have protective bio filters, and infiltrate our worlds.[2]

The chimera can survive incredible lengths of time in their hibernation phase, …"[3]

Chimera hide in the shadows and run from Sunlight.

Using flares to flood an area with glaring light would leave chimera partially blinded and with no shadows to hide in....[4]



26th Century

In the days of Thetis, the chimera infiltrated our worlds before we had any clue what we were dealing with,” continued Leveque. “We have chimera detectors in ships, and bio filters on portals now. We have to be prepared to deal with the situation if an alarm goes off, and remember the lessons of Thetis. The chimera constantly adapt in the face of danger.”[4]

28th Century

Once the Alien home planet was discovered, it is theorized that they had sent out a robotic ship containing the probes and the technology to create the artifact complex on a planet. Whenever they found neo-intelligent life they left a probe in the solar system and buried the testing sequence on the planet. But since it appears that the Chimera had infested the home planet one or more had entered the automatic ship and ended up by being transported to Thetis instead of originating there. This would have resulted in the neo-intelligent life having been whipped out along with all other native species.

Every sled, ship and dome has a sensor that gives an alarm if it detects the distinctive body chemistry of chimera. They’ve hit a couple of other species on Planet First which triggered those alarms and they rejected the planets for colonization because of it. They appeared harmless but[...][5]


as a result of Thetis Chaos year, Planet First is allowed enough time an money to do a though job of vetting each planet before colonization.

Also, every Handover ceremony is now doubly ensured to not rain, if there is the slightest chance of rain during the ceremony handover is postponed. If there is a cloud in the sky, planes are stationed prepared to seed the cloud out of existence.

Tellon Blaze gave the order that all portals and transportation equipment must have bio filters that screen for only humans. That order is still in place by the 28th century.

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