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Named after Leonardo da Vinci, who was an apprentice of a painter called Cioni.[1]

Cioni's Apprentices were originally formed to recreate some of the scientific knowledge that was lost with the Earth Data Net crash in 2409. Scientist were accepting things as facts even though the original studies and records were lost. The Apprentices were attempting to recreate the original studies, but went to extremes in some cases, ignoring the protection of humanity laws.

I agree with my father that’s a good thing to do, and totally support other scientists working on it, but Cioni’s Apprentices went to inhuman extremes. They didn’t just cause the Freya conflict, and the Persephone incident, but the horror of what happened on Gymir. We need the protection of humanity laws to stop that sort of thing happening again.

–Fian, [2]

Fian's G-grandfather, Jorgen Eukland was a member.

I thought Cioni’s Apprentices abandoned Freya after they lost the civil war, and moved on to cause the problems on Persephone and Gymir.

–Drago, [3]

Genetic Harvest Program

(Edwards, Janet. Array 2781 (p. 144). Wallam-Crane Press. Kindle Edition.)

Freya Civil War

Persephone Incident



Array 2781

Earth Flight

The organization had been thought disbanded, but when Jarra had the operation to implant a full body web to overcome her immune system issues, Fian's father contacted him and offered the services of the Apprentices. Not because he wanted to help Jarra, but because they wanted access to the alien technology.

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