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Colony ten is the last phase before opening a new planet for settlement. But even during Colony ten there are stages of development.

Once the military has cleared a planet or at least the chosen continent of anything dangerous to humanity, Colony ten begins.

500 men and 500 women are pre-selected to be the first non-military to set foot on a new planet. The couple leading this phase must have already gone through a Colony Ten phase on another planet, but the rest of the colonist are new settlers.

All of the settlers must live on the planet without leave it any time as a final test to ensure the planet is safe. They are provided with plenty of supplies and equipment and new supplies are sent in as needed.

Those colonists came when there was nothing but a heap of supplies and flexiplas panels. They had to clear the farms. They had to build the houses. Most of all they had to live here for ten years in quarantine to prove the Military hadn’t missed anything dangerous, and that Miranda was safe for humans. If there weren’t just the usual problems between imported and native species, but something utterly lethal, those first colonists would have died!

–narrative, [1]

If anything is going to go wrong, it usually happens within the first two years.

The members of Colony Ten are encouraged to intermarry if they are not a married couple already and they are encouraged to have children after two years and is rewarded with bonus credits for each child. If they already have children, the children are not allowed to come with them initially but can be sent for after the two-year limit.[2]

They are all considered founding families and their reward for enduring the 10 years of hardship are huge land grants and cash payments. The couple leading this phase are rewarded with double land grants and the same rewards for any children born.[2]

Training and Preparation

Once selected for Colony Ten, the people are not told which planet they will be sent to. They go through intensive training and preparation.

About two months before their move to a new planet, they are assigned to one of the planets nearing Planet First completion but are not told so incase that they may be last minute problems with the planet. The last months their training is for the specific conditions that they will find on their new planet. Their accommodation domes are set to the day / night cycle of the planet they will be sent to, so they will be used to the new time zones.[3]

When the world that they will be sent to is ready for stage one of Colony Ten they are put on standby waiting for a clear sunny day with no potential rain fall before they are given a one-hour alert, which is when they are told which planet they will be going to.

Handover Ceremony

Begins the first state colonization.

Colony Ten Command have several rules for the Handover Ceremony.

First rule is that it must not rain.
This is due to Thetis' handover, there was a "sudden torrential rainstorm"[3] which has resulted in rain being seen as a bad omen.

At the end of the Handover Ceremony, the Military leave. Or at least for the vid bees it appears that they all leave. In truth Colony Ten is carefully planned. The Military withdraw to their base where they first have a wrap up party, then some of their personnel leave while others arrive. Military science and medical teams arrive to be available for the colonists. A gradual introduction of Earth animals and crops are introduced to the planet.

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