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Personality and Characteristics

Due to her aristocratic upbringing, Dalmora is very formal and courteous. She is outgoing and confident, but also deeply insecure when in unfamiliar environments.

Dalmora is very much out of her comfort zone and still trying to maintain her confidence while struggling to cope with an environment that is totally different than what she is used to.

Early Years

She attended an all girls school on Danae called Academy and expects her father will arrange her marriage after she has finished university.

It isn't stated but more then likely she would have a some say in who she marries.


Her Father Ventrak Rostha is a famous vid producer of modern history documentaries.


  • Asha – interested in making Vids someday
  • Sitara – interested in making Vids someday
  • Diya - interested in becoming a scientist


Earth 2788

Alpha Sector 2788 - Dalmora
It is Dalmora's 18th birthday. She finds out that if she wants to get a degree in pre-history, she must attend a different university than Danae and take the compulsory pre-history foundation course on Earth.
Her father arranges for them to visit Lecture Playdon on Earth so she can decide if she can cope with that environment.

Earth Girl

Because of her experience with video equipment, Dalmora is initially selected as the sensor reader for Team 1 on the Asgard 6 pre-history foundation course. She remains in that position throughout the series.

Earth Star

During the evacuation to Ark, Dalmora plays in Rono's historic rock-and-roll band as a substitute bass guitarist. She also took vid bees with her so that she could record the historic event of the evacuation. With Krath and Amalie's assistance, they record happenings of the Ark evacuation and afterward the alien artefact excavation. It becomes apparent in this book that Dalmora has a crush on Lecturer Playdon.

Earth Flight

Dalmora is one of Jarra's witnesses during Jarra's betrothal and helps Jarra with hair, makeup, and clothing. At the end of the book, she decides to join Playdon's Fortuna excavation team. During the metal ceremony on Earth, she receives a medal for her contribution to the alien artefact excavation.

Earth Prime

Twenty Seconds in Ark 
The Military calls Playdon's team and Cassandra 2 in early for possible excavation work on Fortuna. In the short time before they must report to Zulu Base, Dalmora remembers her disrespectful behaviour towards Playdon while they were in Ark and apologises to him. She realises that she can never be perfect, but must always keep striving to be a better person.

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