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First settlement was in 2338

Danae was one of the earliest planets settled in Alpha Sector, before the Colony 10 phase was added to Planet First and most of the settlers came from Earth India.

Many of Earth India's culture and traditions were imported with the original settlers and have continued through the centuries.


Planetary Specifications

Day / Night = 00 hrs. 00 min. 00 Sec.

Year = 00 Earth Months

Gravity = ##% lower or Same

length of a day on Danae being slightly different to the length of a day on Earth.[1]

Here on Danae it was early afternoon, but it was almost midnight by Green Time.[2]


Danae is one of the more formal planets in Alpha sector with rigid standards of social conduct, though it is only shown through the eyes of Dalmora Rostha who is probably in the upper echelon of society. Conduct may well vary as much on Danae as India herself does at this point it is hard to say what and if there is much diversity.

On Danae, birthdays are celebrated on the anniversary of the person’s birth, using the interstellar standard Green Time of Earth Europe.

No one is considered an adult with full rights until they are 25 years old, but 18 is considered a significant age toward adulthood with partial rights granted.


Danae's university segregates classes into all female and all male classes.

When the requirements for a history degree changed that all pre-history foundation courses must be spent on earth excavating the ruins, they opted to change their history degree to "Historic Studies" instead. The Historic studies concerns literature and philosophy and not the study of history when the only planet humanity lived on was Earth.

Flora and Fauna

Earth Species

Native Species

References and Notes


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