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Delta Sector has the strictest Moral Code of all of the sectors. The majority of the planets emphasise Science over anything else, with Hercules being one of the strongest. At least on Hercules education emphasises Science to the exclusion of all other subjects.

No one expected Isis to become the capital planet of Delta sector. No one expected Hercules to have the huge influence that it does. They became the most important worlds in Delta sector because they were the first to have true universities and train their own skilled people.

–Teacher Lomas to Amalie, [1]

Marriages and Relationships

It is illegal to hold hands without a twoing contract in place. Regardless of a couple's relationship contract it is illegal to show public displays of affection, such as kissing in public.

A Deltan tradition is for the widows and widowers of a full marriage to keep honouring a dead partner by wearing their ring, and add a second ring if they ever marry again.[2]


The education system is heavily influenced by Science and Math. Very few athletic programs exist and what does is voluntary only, so unlike almost every other student across the sectors Fian never learned to swim.[3]

When Fian and his two friends, Valin and Mcall, in the short story Delta Sector 2788, were clandestinely studying for their history exams so they could qualify for a prehistory course in Gamma Sector, they would hide out in the Athletic building and store their history books there, because no one would ever go in that building and there was no athletic program.

Year Day

Birthdays are all on Year Day, so each Year Day the new 18 year olds become Adults.

The restrictive social rules in Delta sector inevitably create a rush of Deltan young people attempting to leave their home worlds on Year Day, so a lot of Alphan members of the Wallam-Crane Charitable Foundation volunteer to come and help.[4]


Planet Pronunciation Brief Highlights
Fenrir is near the border to Beta and felt that they had more in common with them then with there own sectors, so wanted to secede from Delta sector and join Beta sector. Mentioned in the short story Home for Christmas, and the novella Deltan Escape.
Hathor Delta Sector Interchange 1 location
Hercules Home planet of Fian and has the strictest moral code.
Isis Sector Capital
Osiris Osiris is famous for its fields of luminous white flowers that open at sunset and flood the air with their fragrance. Professor Lee, from the First Contact History team in Earth Star (Earth Girl 2), is from University Osiris

Warning notes for travellers

Delta sector has very conservative views on the level of intimacy appropriate before marriage. Public displays of affection, such as kissing and holding hands, are strongly discouraged and can lead to prosecution under the decency laws.[5]

Notes and References


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