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Each dig site is overseen by Dig Site Command which is run by the University Earth's Dig Site Federation.

Earth Ruins

Fringe Sites

Fringe sites are the outer safer areas of the main sites, but not all main dig sites have a Fringe site, too. Fringe sites are safer but that doesn't mean totally safe, all of the same precautions have to be taken.

This is the area where school history clubs come to start learning to be archaeologists, for many young students it is a way to help them determine if they want history as a career and if they want to be a practical historian or a theoretical historian.

It is also a place for the hobbyist teams to come when they can. A Hobbyist team is usually someone that loves history but went into a different field for their career or some of the History teachers that still want some practical experience.

There is no age restriction on who may work on the Fringe sites, the requirement is that the person must pass the safety tests and receive their Gold Certificate in safety before they can work on the fringe sites, normally they are at least 14 but Jarra was 11 and some of the other students mentioned in the prequel novellas were 12 and 13.

Main Sites

The main sites vary in degree of difficulty, some of the sties are so dangerous that they are restricted from foundation classes, the California Land Raft, Earth America is one of these sites.

Dig Teams

There are at least five roles on a Dig Team, and two Dig teams on each Research team..

  • Team Leader - in overall charge
  • Tag Leader - is the only person to enter the site that is being worked. They direct the work, tag rocks and guide the lifts
  • Tag Support - keeps the tag leader safe. All impact suits have a Tag Spot on their backs between the shoulders. Support has a lift beam locked on to the Tag Leaders suite at all times that they are in the work area. If the Tag leader is in danger the Tag support use the beam to lift them out of danger.
  • Sensor - Each dig area has 4 sensor probes marking the area and creating a sensor net. The person on sensor sled must watch the site image for any dangers and possible interesting articles.
  • Lift - Usually two or three heavy lift sleds with beams that remove the rubble that the tag leader has tagged. They have to be careful that the beams don't intersect.

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