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I’m thrilled to be talking to one of the heroic pilots who are defending Earth from the incoming comet debris. The devastatingly handsome Major Drago Tell Dramis.

–Earth News Report, [1]


Personality and Characteristics

Drago is devastatingly handsome and utterly charming. In his earlier years he felt that the world revolved around him and was selfish and arrogant. After making a horrible mistake during his Academy days, he came to realize that he needed to change his ways.

Eventually Drago learns humility and how to treat people as human beings. However, his good looks and charm still often give him a crowd of admirers who exaggerate his reputation.

Early Years

Drago's early years where at the Tell clan hall on Zeus. He often got into mischief with the other boys at the Clan hall residence especially with Jaxon, Jarra's older brother.

But when he was around 11 years old, his best friend and cousin Jaxon started to change and became distant from their friendship. Drago was kept busy and on other planets starting around then so rarely ever saw Jaxon until he was assigned to his fighter team.

He never paid much attention to Jaxon's younger sister Gemelle until they ended up at the Military Academy at the same time. At that point he learned that while he and Jaxon were pulling pranks as children, Gemelle was breaking into the security systems at high profile locations on Zeus. When she was caught, she was recruited as the youngest member for the Military Security. By the time Drago arrived at the Academy, she was already a Captain.

Drago was extremely impressed and fell in love with Gemelle. However, Gemelle was already in a serious relationship and did not return his feelings. After Gemelle rejected his marriage proposal, a deeply hurt and outraged Drago engineered a situation to get Gemelle to break up with her boyfriend and marry Drago instead. His plan failed, Gemelle was extremely angry, and she used the Betan custom of "blanking" to block Drago out of her life.

After he alienated Gemelle, Drago went off to fighter pilot training school and upon graduating was assigned to Jaxon's fighter squadron.


Drago's father is Dragon Tell Dramis, a General in the Military with very high expectations for Drago, that he never lets Drago forget.

“Oh yes, Draco Tell Dramis has been dead for seven years, but he still casts a long shadow. That’s probably why my father demands such high standards from himself and everyone else around him. Particularly me.”

–Drago, [2]

Drago's Mother is Madrigal, who is originally from Nagual in Alpha Sector.[3]

His mother is the "awe-inspiring Madrigal", a civilian and a famous composer.[4]

Drago has two much younger sisters, both sisters are honor children for his Grandparents; Dracia is three years old, and Persephone two.[3]

In looks Drago and Dracia take after their Mother and Persephone looks just like her grandmother and namesake.

Drago's grandfather seems to have an interesting reputation.

... As my grandfather Draco shouted when he stood at the door of the Tell clan hall and demanded entrance for himself and his sister.

–narraitve, [5]

...there was the complicating factor of my grandfather and great-aunt’s parentage and upbringing as well. That information was a closely guarded secret, known only to the Tell clan and the holders of the General Marshal position,

–narraitve, [6]


Hera 2781

After Lieutenant Drago Tell Dramis arrived at his first assignment in Jaxon's fighter squadron, Gemelle visited Jaxon, saw Drago, and abruptly left. This puzzled Jaxon enough that he pressed Drago for details. When Drago had told the full story, Jaxon was furious and let Drago know how unhappy he was with his existence.

Drago travels with his squadron to help save Hera from an incoming rogue asteroid. When it becomes apparent that fighter missiles will not be enough, Drago sets his fighter to collide with the asteroid and self destruct. This allows the Hera solar array enough time to destroy the remnants of the asteroid.

Jaxon offers Drago reconciliation, and Gemelle decides to acknowledge Drago's personal growth, but still does not trust him. Drago humbly and gratefully accepts this goodwill.

Hestia 2781

When Drago wakes up in the hospital, he is sharing a room with his cousin Jaxon. Jaxon informs him that they both have been given field promotions and that they will be awarded the Thetis medal, once the ceremony can be held on Hera. Drago is furious when he discovers that he has been promoted to Major, skipping Captain and demands to be immediately demoted and plans on turning down the Thetis award. Drago soon learns that it isn't that easy so calls up General Renton Mai who was in charge of Hera command. Their phone conversation results in General Mai visiting Drago in his hospital room and holding a private conversation, filling Drago in on some high security, very secret information and explaining to him that Drago is the key in getting some much needed changes made. Their cover story is a Chess game, which they did play while Drago was being updated.

Once Drago understands the full story and has all of the facts he agrees to go along with Military Commands plans, but only if they arrange a demotion for him as soon as reasonable after the changes go into effect.

Drago has been promoted to be Deputy leader in their fighter pilot team and is feeling very insecure about his lack of experience. But since their planes have all been either damaged or requisitioned for other pilots, the team is sent to Earth to assist with the refurbishing of the solar panels.

On their way to Earth via the Portal transits, while in Off-World Adonis, a group of Hestia more militant protestors arrive causeing problems and takeing hostages so that the newsies will continue to report about them. Drago takes half the team to protect the civilians waiting to go through a portal, to prevent them taken hostage by the protesters. While firing on the protestors with his stunner to keep them away from the civilians, he is seriously injured by doesn't immediately realize it. In the meantime, newsies caught Drago and Jaxon in action on the vid bees, so the "Heroes of Hera" are shown being even more heroic. General Renton Mai arrives and calls Drago into a secret meeting for a debrief, once their discussion is finished, Drago collapses from his injury and is sent back to the Military Hospital he had just been discharged from.

Soon after arriving on Earth, Jaxon goes missing and it is up to Drago to find him and to keep him from continuing his bad behavior before he wrecks all of Military Commands plans. Drago contacts Gemelle to find out if she knows what Jaxon is doing when he disappears. Gemelle comes to Earth to explain everything to Drago in person. Drago learns some deeply shocking news from Gemelle that effects how he looks at his clan, clan council and Jaxon.

While Gemelle is briefing Drago, her own mission interferes, and he inadvertently witnesses events that will have repercussions on the trouble on Hestia. Leveque, Gemelle's commanding officer, involves Drago in a bit of play acting in a "sting" operation to uncover one of Hestia's political leaders' illegal actions.

Drago ultimately finds Jaxon and convinces him that their mission to repair the damaged solar arrays is vital and they must focus all of their energies on their mission so that they can keep the lights on for "Jarra".

Array 2781

Drago continues to strive to appear to be the perfect Military officer and to keep Jaxon under control, all while learning even more about his family and saving the Earth Europe Solar Array from sabotage.

While working on the European Solar Array he realizes that he has some lingering fears left over from being in space after his plane ejected him before flying into the comet core at Hera. He works on dealing with that fear while learning to "Free Fly" in space.

Sol 2781

Kappa Sector 2788

Major Drago Tell Dramis has been assigned to planet K21228 under the command of Colonel Riak Torrek for the past two years. During the planet's handover ceremony, Drago and his squadron patrol the skies to prevent rain. He also organises the Military handover party that follows and persuades a reluctant Colonel Torrek into wearing a Betan toga and joining the Betan parade around the dome.

Colonel Torrek later discusses Drago's exceptional abilities and unusual Military record with with General May. It is revealed that after Hera, Drago was double-promoted from Lieutenant to Major, learned that his record had been flagged for a prodigious Military career, was unnerved as a result, and has been resisting promotion ever since. Torrek suggests that Drago be allowed time to accept his rank, and have him and his squadron follow Commander Nia Stone to her next assignment.

Zeta Sector 2788

This story occurs after Drago returns home to Zeus after the Planet First assignment described in "Kappa Sector 2788". He goes to Asante's MeetUp to ask Asante's advice on how to express his feelings for Captain Marlise Weldon, his fighter squadron deputy. He confesses his selfish past behaviour over Gemelle, and Asante advises Drago to show Marlise that he is willing to commit to her.

Drago and his fighter squadron are offered the opportunity to set up the first portal relays in Zeta Sector. Drago eagerly volunteers, and when Marlise volunteers as well, Drago hopes their relationship will grow.

Earth Star

Drago is first introduced into the Earth Girl Trilogy during Earth Star after Jarra and Fian have been drafted into the Military. He and his squadron are one of the six fighter squadrons guarding the alien sphere. He introduces himself to Jarra over breakfast on their first full day of Military duty. He is one of the Attack Team Leaders and Deputy to Commander Nia Stone watching the alien sphere and a cousin to Jarra. He is the first to mention to her anything about a clan, which made both her and Fian realize that the Tell in her name meant she had been born into a Betan clan. After that Drago becomes more or less her liaison to the clan.

Marlise climbed on to our table and raised a glass of frujit. “A toast everyone! To the devastatingly handsome Major Drago Tell Dramis, the finest liar in the Military!”

–narrative, [7]

Throughout the story, Drago subtly tries to court his squadron deputy Captain Marlise Weldon, but Marlise never realizes that he is serious.

When the alien sphere appears to fire on his fighter, Drago remains rational and self controlled, preventing all-out war on the sphere. For his part – and much to his horror – he is promoted to Commander.

Earth Flight

Drago is assigned to the hunt for the alien home world. He also assists Jarra in her ceremonial acceptance into Tell Clan and her betrothal to Fian. He finally marries Marlise.

When the alien home planet is found, Drago volunteers to try to deactivate the planetary defenses on the planet's moon. He remains willing to go even after learning that he could possibly encounter chimera. He encounters a long dead chimera, but can not deactivate the planetary defenses.

At the end of the book, Drago is present at the metal ceremony. He receives the Artemis for landing on the alien moon despite the possibility of chimera. Since this information is secret, Drago publicly receives the Artemis for his actions when he was caught in the enemy sphere's fire in Earth Flight.

The End, and the New Beginning

Drago and Marlise, flying experimental planes, capture the pilot trying to kill Jarra. After that, Drago leads his team to watch over Jarra until she can go back to Military Base 79 Zulu.

Jarra also learns from Fian about all of the things that Drago did during the 3 months she was in the tank (Earth Flight) to help him cope and to get through the wait.

Your Move, Drago

It's Early December, 2789 and General Marshal Renton Mai has called Drago in for a meeting to talk about year day, 2790 and to make him an offer. It is up to Drago to pick which option that is offered.

Notes and References


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