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Earth 2 is the team that Pereth belongs too. and helped manage the digging out Solar 5 and the Zulu dig site. They are a professional archaeology team from University Earth, considered the 2nd best of all of the Earth archaeologists.

Plays small but pivotal roles in both Earth Girl and Earth Star.

" ...They will be assisted by Professor Pereth of University Earth who will be acting as site leader. Plans for the excavation are being finalised at the Eden Dig Site evacuation centre in Ark.”[1]

Solar 5 Rescue

Pereth and his team were the Site managers for the Solar 5 rescue.

Alien Artifact

". . . I’d be delighted to assist the Military. Can I bring my team? I’m used to working with them and delegating some of the tasks.”[2]

When Jarra was put in charge of locating the alien Artifact she immediately designates Pereth as her site manager. Pereth and Earth 2 were in charge of coordinating all of the volunteers to clear out the area so the artifact could be located.

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