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Earth 3 is first mentioned in Earth Girl, as the team that has a cookout with them when they go to the Grand Circle at New York Dig Site to excavate a section of the old subway tunnels.

In Earth Star, when Jarra and Fian were hurt by an unstable magnetic field at Eden dig site, Earth 3 and Cassandra 2 went and investigated what caused the magnetic field. They discovered an ancient lab full of stasis boxes. Earth 3 and Cassandra 2 had to do the recovering using ancient methods and without impact suits.

They appear again in the novella, The End, and the New Beginning when Talia announces that Earth 3 will fire Anchors at the enemy aircraft and is named as Site Leader by Dig Site Command to coordinate the attacks of the other archaeology teams against the enemy.

Team members mentioned:

  • Graw - in Earth Girl
  • Talia - in The End, and the New Beginning

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