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Note: there will probably be changes once the second collection of aftermath stories is published or when the Fortuna story is published, so take this information as somewhat tentative.

This is the team made up of the Asgard 6 members that were asked and agreed to go to Fortuna to help excavate the ancient ruins of the alien planet. Even though they are students still, they will be paid by the military as consultants and their work will eventually lead to a degree in Xenoarchaeology, probably granted by one of the universities that is sending research teams.

Members and Roles

Dannel Playdon - Team Leader - Zeta 1

????? - Deputy Team Leader

Raven - training (unknown position)

Team 1

  • Jarra - Tag leader - Fortuna 1
  • Fian - Tag support - Fortuna 2
  • Dalmora Rostha - Sensors
  • Akram - Heavy lift operator
  • Sudi - Heavy lift operator

Team 2


  • Steen - Tag Team Leader
  • Laik - Tag support

References and Notes


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