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In the 23rd century, before Interstellar Portals were invented, 3 massive projects were started on earth as new habitats. One was a new city, Eden located in Earth Africa, another was a self-contained underwater habitat off of Earth America, Atlantis and the 3rd was Ark, a self contained Arcology underground in Earth Australia.

Eden was a city of great beauty and elegance with tall glowing buildings, high bridges between some of them and spiraling ramps.

It was the last city built and the last city to be abandoned on earth.

A holo image of a city appeared on the vid screen behind him, a glowing dream of a place with totally zan twisting skyscrapers linked with bridges across the sky.[1]

The buildings were built out of glowplas and the technique to create them were lost in the data net crash of 2409

As of 2408 the only people that lived at Eden were off-world workers there to maintain Earth's Data net.

28th Century

Eden is in ruin too and the archelogist are sifting through the buildings hoping to find lost information from when the data net crashed.

I looked across at the nearest intact buildings. They glowed white with the occasional hint of blue or gold, looking deceptively fragile with their frivolous towers, archways, and balconies. It was hard to believe they’d been abandoned for over three hundred and fifty years. A casual glance could miss the fallen walkways and encroaching rainforest plants, and expect to see people looking out from those empty windows.[2]

Not only is Eden in ruins but the surrounding area is highly dangerous with the rain forest encroaching right up to the ruins with dangerous animals living in them.

Earth Star

Asgard 6 moves to Eden dig site at the beginning of Earth star. It was the first day there when Jarra and Fian were recruited into the Alien Contact program so they didn't get a chance to work the ruins until their return.

As soon as Jarra and Fian returned to their class, Joth leaves the dorm during the night, without his lookup or impact suit. The next day when Playdon and dig team 1 finally find Joth, he is unconscious and ill. They get him to medical help, but within a bit more then a day he dies.

Later, Jarra uncovers what turns out to be an ancient lab. She and Fian were severely injured from the unstable magnetic field. When Dig site command studied the results they thought this was highly unusual so Earth 3 and Cassandra 2 were sent in to investigate, with out impact suites, lift beams and other power equipment.

They found what was causing the magnetic disruption and pulled the power cell. Once they were able to work properly again, they uncovered an ancient lab full of stasis boxes. It was in one of those stasis boxes that the original research on what causes the immune deficiency in so many babies and what the original scientist discovered was found.


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