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Exodus Century (2310 - 2409),[2] so named because of the mass migration from Earth to other planets via portal.

United Earth Government

The United Earth Government started passing some very strict and restrictive laws.

2370-2380 - They passed a law which made membership of the Earth Resistance a criminal offence of rebellion, with an automatic death sentence.[3]

2382 - the United Earth Government enacted the "Criminal Movement Restriction Measures". That added a security block to the portal system so it could only be used by people on a specially created register of reputable citizens.[4]

By the end of the Exodus Century there was very little Earth Government left ....


People started leaving the cities and the criminals and gangs tried to take over. As people were just walking away from their homes even if they had a mortgage debt, United Earth Government implemented new laws. Laws defining evading debt became a criminal act with the debtor having a a criminal record for fraud, so they’d never be allowed entry to any colony world.

The citizens that were on a waiting list to go off-world but were still waiting for their turn were in a desperate situation, with the breakdown of law-and-order, companies and factories closing down and being abandoned, and food shortages, riots became common.

Some of the citizens erected barricades to keep the criminals out of their neighborhoods which resulted in a war zone, where both sides were fighting desperately to live.

An Electrified fence was erected in various locations, where people could live safely away from criminals and wild animals. Behind the fence small farming type communities were created, all with their own portals.

When Beta section opened up for colonization everyone had to reapply. Often waiting in line for days before being able to register and then waiting years more for their turn.


The off-world portals were running 24 hrs. a day.

The Wallam-Crane family makes a deal with the Adonis government to move there, and they were granted honorary First-Family status, giving them the same rights and privileges that the very first settles of Adonis had, including the right to enter into the Adonis Knight trials. The Wallam-Crane family abandons Earth and their control of portals.


As people left Earth, there were fewer people able to maintain the zoos so the animals were all freed. This include species that had gone extinct but were salvaged by using DNA in recovered bones.


Prior to Exodus century, everyone was webbed and connected to the Earth data net to access information, to view entertainment, chat with other people and more, but by the middle of the 24th century, needed components were no longer available and webbing of children stopped because Earth could no longer manufacture the needed parts due to the experts leaving for a different planet. The implanted webs needed to be tuned or adjusted each year to keep up with the person's growth and changes in their brains, when the experts and specialist were no longer on the planet, the tuning wasn't possible so their connections to the data net grew erratic and eventually broke down. This break down caused considerable anguish and psychological problems for those that had a web implanted, which resulted in the Suicide Decade[5] (around 2355 to 2365[6])


Approximately 200 planets in both Alpha and Betta Sector, and 100 planets in Gamma sector was settled during Exodus Century.

The Bright and Shiny new worlds didn't have time to establish a proper industrial and technological foundation of their own. They depended on Earth to supply key electrical components but so many left quickly that manufactories were abandoned, and Earth was fractured so once all the old equipment breaks down there are no new parts to repair them, including interstellar portals.

The new worlds were referred to as Bright and Shiny because there was no haze of pollution marring the sunlight.

Many of the new worlds were rushed to be declared safe by Planet First so many problems were discovered during their early colonization when an alien species (humans) were introduced to a world with it's on unique biosphere.

Colonel Leveque
"The Military Academy uses Tethys as an example of the damage ill-judged introductions of Earth species can do to a world’s native ecology,"
Colonel Leveque
"The volcanoes of Pyrrhus are used as an example of a failure in Planet First geological assessment."
Krath Karman
"And Thetis is the example of why the Military must never be rushed into declaring a world safe for colonization."
The End, and the New Beginning[7]

Because of all of the early issues, the military was finally granted the time and money to do a thorough and in-depth analysis of each potential planet for colonization, but well after Exodus Century. When many of the newer colonized planets started having problems, the Military refused to abandon them so when their interstellar portals stopped working, the Military staid to help them.

Among the first colonists to set foot on Adonis were Ernst Novak and Esperenza Nadal whom both immediately died. With their death doctors determined that they had an immune system problem that meant they’d die on any world other than Earth.

BounceBack protocols were started and anyone arriving on a new world who showed signs of distress was instantly returned to Earth.[8]

Alpha Sector

2310 - Alpha Sector opens for Colonization. 2365 - The last planet in Alpha sector opens for colonization. 2370(?) - Alpha Sector closes for Colonization.


Adonis declared independence in 2340 and formed their own government. The first of their laws was that no Earth company could own property on Adonis.[1]

Once Adonis declares its independence the other settled planets followed, and they formed the Parliament of Planets. Every planet decided for themselves how many people were accepted for migration, keeping in mind the overpopulation problems of Earth.

Beta Sector

2370 - Beta Sector opens for Colonization

By 2408 there are only about 30 of the less popular planets still open for colonization.

Fidelis Project

Beta Sector asked all of their clans to send their best portal and science related experts to Zeus to try and recreate interstellar portals so that their current level of technology can manufacture it as no one had the capability to manufacture the more sophisticated and delicate components of the current models.

They also recruited Thaddeus Paul Wallam-Crane the Eighth to head up the project. Tad had gone to Earth in 2408 to retrieve one of the earlier iteration of a major component before going on to Zeus.

Eventually the Fidelis project is successful in recreating interstellar portals, but they are a much simpler model with a shorter stellar range.

Gama Sector

2381 - Gamma Sector opened for colonization

By the end of Exodus Century, a hundred planets in Gamma sector are in the beginning stages of colonization. Those planets were in the worst state since they had each only received a couple of interstellar portals, so when they broke down, they lost all contact with other planets. About half of those planets were out of touch with everyone else and were on their own by the end of Exodus Century. All of them were left without any technology, just basic medical care and in many cases still struggling with hostile native creatures.[9]


The planet Beowulf may be the worst case in Gamma sector as they were one of the first planets that lost touch with the rest of civilization and do to the stellar distance between them and any other settled planet, the new portals couldn't reach them, so for a hundred years they were out of touch with the rest of humanity.

“My home planet, Beowulf, was the first colony world to be cut off from humanity by its interstellar portals failing,” said Kai, in a mourning voice. “It was too far from any other colony world for the new portals to reach it, so my people were left isolated and fighting to survive for nearly a hundred years. Many of them died.”

–Kai, [8]

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