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Pre-history is where everything starts. People may feel modern history is more relevant, but it’s only a few hundred years out of millions. That’s a very thin skin on the surface of time. The minute you dig deeply into the reasons behind something in modern history, you find yourself back in pre-history. That’s where the blood and the bones are. The real problem is where to specialize within pre-history. You’ve got everything back to the dinosaurs to choose from.

–Fian to Dalmora, [2]


Personality and Characteristics

Fian is extremely intelligent and excels in both physics and history, although he refuses to follow the family legacy and study physics. He is determined to avoid science on principle. Fian is also determined and stubborn when he feels strongly about a cause, such as his relationship with Jarra. Fian is also sensible and supportive, which enable him to be a steadying influence on Jarra's impulsive nature.

Early Years

Fian grew up on Hercules, one of the most conservative and science-focused planets in Delta Sector.

Due to their high achieving family, his father has had strict and high expectations for Fian and his sister to succeed in physics. Fian rebelled against this and secretly studied history. His father considered Fian the family failure.

Fian's two closest friends were Valin and Macall. The three of them secretly studied history together. Macall who had moved to Hercules from Gamma Sector and introduced Fian to the vid series Stalea of the Jungle.


Father: Holger - Professor of Physics at University Hercules.

Mother: Lab Assistant to his father

  • parents are specialists in solar storm prediction.

Sister: Danika - Older, studies multi particle wave expansions, takes after their father but perhaps less of an ego.

Great Grandfather: Jorgen Eklund. Noted Physicist that came up with definitive works on Portal theory. Worked out the portal theory that portals can only be up to 4.5 meters.

My great-grandfather may have been a brilliant physicist, but I’m not, and I happen to like history.

–Fian to Leveque, [3]

Fian's parents end and do not renew their 25-year term marriage during the events of the Earth Girl series.


Delta Sector 2788

The Eklund family are renowned physicists, and seventeen-year-old Fian Eklund has been under pressure his entire life to live up to the family legacy. However, Fian has other plans. He has been secretly taking history classes and plans to study history in the coming year. Fian looks forward to studying a subject he loves, and perhaps start a relationship on less-conservative Earth. He is determined to not let anything or anyone, his father in particular, stop him.

Year End 2788

After classes finish for 2788, Lecturer Playdon and his University Asgard colleagues discuss an issue with Fian Eklund, a history student for the upcoming year. To prevent his son from studying history, Fian's father has threatened and blackmailed several lecturers to remove Fian from their classes. Playdon decides to accept Fian and in turn receives a call from Fian's father. Fian's father has found a suspicious ambiguity on Playdon's record but Playdon is certain this blackmail attempt will not succeed.

Deltan Escape

This is a new prequel as of Jan.. 2022, that takes place after the events of Year End 2788 and before Earth Girl told from Fian's POV. Specific plot points concerning Fian will not be included in this article until after the novella has been published. It is currently available at the author's website to read for free, See Deltan Escape for link and details.

Earth Girl

It is now January 2789. Fian joins the Asgard 6 Pre-history Foundation course and is immediately attracted to Jarra. Fian becomes Jarra's tag support on the class's excavation Team 1 and saves Jarra several times during their coursework. Fian is Jarra's tag support during their rescue of Cassandra 2. They bond over their favorite vid series and love for history and eventually begin an relationship.

Fian and Jarra meet the Cassandra 2 research who thank them for their rescue efforts. As a result, they are trapped alongside Cassandra 2 when the super solar storm hits.

To Fian's delight, Jarra agrees to register a Twoing contract. Several hours later, Jarra confesses that she is not Military as she had claimed to be, but Handicapped. Fian is horrified and upset, but works through his feelings and resolves to stay with Jarra and make their relationship work.

When Solar 5, a ship of Military officers, crash-lands on New York Dig Site due to the super solar storm, Fian and Jarra are among the archeaologists who volunteer to help with the rescue effort.

Fian takes it upon himself to tell their class that Jarra is Handicapped, much to Jarra's dismay.

For aiding in the Solar 5 rescue, Fian along with the other archaeologists are awarded the Earth Star.

Meet and Greet Fian's POV

From a 2013 interview with Janet Edwards - Meet and Greet Fian's POV

Earth Star

The Military Alien Contact program activates and Fian and Jarra are unexpectedly drafted into the Military to support the History team. They are initially made Captains. Both Fian and Jarra are in dazed awe at this turn of events, confused as to why two young students were drafted, and shocked to find that an alien device is orbiting Earth. After Jarra points out the Ark as a potential civilian evacuation centre, Colonel Torrek makes her the History team leader with Fian as her deputy.

Fian and Jarra are disgruntled to learn that they had actually been drafted to help root out people with prejudices within the program. Their unique situation as a Handicapped person in a relationship with a normal-born person was meant to expose anyone who could not control their prejudice towards those different from themselves and could thus pose a threat to alien contact. They both decide that the fate of humanity is more important than their personal feelings.

Fian makes several contributions of his own. He argues that the alien probe had likely travelled by conventional means to Earth since it was larger than the largest scientifically possible portal. This implied that that the alien civilisation has not invented portal technology before sending the probe, but has had immeasurable time to invent portal technology and immediately send their forces to Earth. He also puts forth the troubling theory that aliens could hijack humanity's portal network to transport their own hostile forces.

When the Alien contact program is leaked to the public, Fian acts as Jarra's deputy during the resulting excavation in Earth Africa. Fian also accompanies Jarra into the excavated alien tunnel and is heavily involved in answering the aliens' tests. He and Jarra activate the final alien device together, and the orbiting device above responds to their utter delight.

Fian has also been dealing with his own internal family problems. His parents have reached the end of their twenty-five year term marriage. His mother wanted to renew the marriage but his father blatantly refused. As a result, Fian is afraid that Jarra does not want to commit to their relationship. In turn, Fian learns learns that Jarra is both afraid of losing him and afraid of involving him in her personal problems. They are both shocked to learn that Jarra was born to a clan from uncomfortably permissive Beta Sector and is a descendant of Tellon Blaze. They both decide to work on obstacles and compromises together. They renew their Twoing contract during the Zulu excavation.

Earth Flight

Before Fian could become betrothed to Jarra, he was adopted into the Tell clan as the adopted son of Dragon Tell Dramis resulting in Drago becoming his brother. While Jarra is in the tank, Fian learns just how important Drago takes that adoption.

Behind the scenes, Fian is in major despair and wrecks havoc on their apartment, Drago helps Fian, first by arranging some spare space in Jarra's medical dome to be converted to an apartment for them, then being there with moral support.[4]

During the three months that Jarra was in the tank, Drago's team of pilots took it upon themselves to train Fian as a Fighter pilot as a way to keep him busy and to help keep him from falling apart. By the time that Jarra was decanted, Fian was a fully qualified fighter pilot so served as Jarra's co-pilot as they flew to Fortuna's Moon.

Fian was vital in opening up Fortuna, the alien home planet, for which both he and Jarra were awarded the Pallas Athena, the military equivalent to a Nobel Prize.

The End, and the New Beginning

Fian supports Jarra and also proves to be startling good at firing the Line Rifle at the Berlin dig site.

I’ll Be Right Here Waiting

Fian accompanies Jarra to Zulu Base for Jarra's surgery. He learns about General Torrek's familial ties to Jarra and discusses with Torrek how this revelation has affected himself and Jarra.

References and Notes


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