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June 1st is a Holiday on every planet except for Earth. It is the anniversary of the first Earth Flight where Major Kerr in 2306, flew the first manned interstellar flight.

Earth Flight

Earth flight was the name of both Major Kerr's spaceship and the mission he took to drop portal to the first extraterrestrial planet, later named Adonis.

Kerr said that the new world was the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen, which led to my home world being called Adonis.

–Tad, [1]

When Gateway station was abandoned, the ship Earth Flight was taken apart and sent to Adonis where it is encased in glass and displayed at the Courtyards of Memory.

Gateway Station

Earth Flight was launched from Gateway Station, officially named Gateway to the Stars a space station used to assemble the probes and ships from small parts portalled to there.

From the space station, probes were initially sent out to find planets that could support human life.

Gateway station was abandoned in 2320 and still in orbit in 2408, but the orbit was decaying and in about 2 years it will fall into Earth Atmosphere and burn up.

Kerr Monument

located on the banks of the Hudson River, the night that Major Kerr died, a tribute display of lights from Gateway station was responded to from the Kerr Monument.

Gateway Station is flashing blue and white, honouring Major Kerr with the main colours of Earth as seen from space

–Tad, [1]

Multiple great beams of light appeared upriver, sweeping across the sky in swathes of blue and white.

The Kerr Monument returns the salute of Gateway Station

–Tad, [1]

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