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The Commander-in-Chief of the Military. Every year day he is required to give a "State of Humanity" speech and usually takes that opportunity to announce anything that impacts all of humanity.

Past General Marshals

26th Century

  • Tellon Blaze

28th Century

  •  ???? - 2780 - Cara Wade - was highly regarded by all of humanity by the time she picked her successor and resigned. She was handicapped by who she could choose by the rules of Parliament-of-Planets and Joint Sector High Congress Committee's Gold List. She had felt that Ezren Tanner was her best choice out of a unimpressive list.
  • 2780 - 2781 - Ezren Tanner
  • 2781 - ???? - Renton Mai

Ezren Tanner had been General Marshal for only a few months, when the Hera Comet problem surfaced. During the mission to either destroy or push it off course so that the Hera Solar beam could destroy it, problem after problem occurred and General Marshal Tanner reached his breaking point. When one of the options failed, he resigned and walked out in the middle of the crisis.

General Renton Mai was in charge of the Hera Operation center at the time so it fell to him to make the rest of the decisions.

General Marshal Emeritus Cara Wade temporarily acted as the commander-in-chief, spearheading the choice of successor to Ezren Tanner, but she was also taking that opportunity to revise the process of who makes it on the Gold List and which ones met the criteria to be chosen for the next General Marshal. When she had to pick her successor from the pre-approved candidates, she had very limited choices and felt that Ezren Tanner was the best of them.

After the events in Hera 2781 where two Betan pilots saved one of the oldest planets of humanity and became known as the "Heroes of Hera", she planned to take that opportunity to overturn the unofficial black-balling of all Betan canidates for the Gold List. She uses General Renton Mai's brilliant handling of first the Hera comet situation after Ezren Tanner's resignation and then the Hestia situation to point out that despite his young age, he was the best candidate for General Marshal.

Gold List

Potential candidates for General Marshal have to be approved by Joint Sector High Congress Committee before being added to a secret gold list,

–Renton Mai to Drago, [1]

The people added to the Gold list careers are closely monitored and in some cases guided by certain members of the General Staff. Once a General Marshal is ready to step down, they choice their successor from the members on this list that also meet certain criteria for experience and age.

No Beta Sector candidate has been approved by Joint Sector High Congress Committee since Beta Sector's Second Roman Empire days ended in 2658.

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