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Ad finem fidelis
Latin phrase for "faithful to the end". Used in Beta Sector.
Slang for great, wonderful, awesome, amazing. Tends to be used as a lesser form of zan.


Betan dialect
A dialect spoken in Beta sector in addition to Language. It contains hyper-specific words to refer to each of the many possible familial relationships within Betan clans.
Blizz, Pure Blizz
Slang for a beyond-wonderful experience. Refers to the pre-Exodus century illegal drug blizz, although only historians know the origin by Jarra's time. Impure blizz would kill people, that is why "pure" was added. The knowledge of how to make and use blizz was lost during the Exodus century and the following data net crash.[1]


Changelings Era 
Normal babies of the handicapped were forcefully replaced with a handicapped baby. Further information: Earth/History#Changelings Era
A common swear word ("Chaos!" "Chaos take it!") that is generally seen as mild and socially acceptable.
A genetic chimerism or chimera is a single organism composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype. Also, an Earth Mythical beast made up of parts from various other animals. In the Portal Future, the Chimera are a species with exceptionally good camouflage that almost destroyed humanity. Further information: Thetis
Colony Ten
The last phase of Planet First before a planet is fully opened for colonization. Further information: Colony Ten
A construction material commonly used in ancient buildings. It is not the same as concrete.


By Jarra's time, scientists have figured out that some higher or more advanced being had created the universe. Due to this, the various names for religious figure are no longer used as swear words and the neutral term "Deity" is used by everyone in a respectful manner ("Deity aid us"). Whenever anyone does use the name of a religious figure, everyone else around shouts Respect.
Drop Portal
A temporary portal made of dust that Military dart ships use to travel through space . Mostly used in new sectors or in emergencies. Outside of the normal portal system. Further information: Military Drop Portal


Rude term for anyone not from Earth. Mainly used by people who live on Earth, particularly the Handicapped. Refers to the people who abandoned Earth to its ruin during Exodus century.[2]
Earth Flight
The original Earth Flight mission during which Major Kerr used the first drop portal to travel to the distant planet Adonis on June 1, 2306.
Exodus Century
Started in 2310 when the first colonist portalled to a new planet and began the mass exodus of humans from Earth. (2310-2409)[3]


Slang for "fascinating". Considered acceptable slang in the aristocratic circles of Alpha Sector.[4]
Flight Day
June 1, the anniversary of the original Earth Flight in 2306. Celebrated everywhere except on Earth.
Founding Families
The people who colonized a planet during its Colony Ten stage. After the planet opens fully for colonization, Founding Families are given large amounts of land and are highly respected among the planet's present and future inhabitants.
Slang for worry, be anxious, panic or concerned.


Slang for deeply shocked in either a good or bad way.
Gentes Maiores
The highest ranked clans in Beta Sector. These clans are made up of descendants of the original Zeus Founding Families (with one exception). Latin for Greater or Nobal Houses.
A building material, the technology of which has been lost, that is "tougher and far more durable than concraz, with a natural white glow."[5]
Green Time
Corresponds to current-day Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich Mean Time was naturally extended to become Interstellar Standard Greenwich Mean Time, and later contracted to become Interstellar Standard Green Time.[6]


A term for people with an immune deficiency that prevents them from living anywhere except on Earth. Further information: Earth/Handicapped
Heavy lift sled
A type of vehicle that is equipped with heavy lift beams, which are capable of lifting heavy items such as building rubble.
Hover bag
A type of luggage that hovers above the ground and follows its owner.
Hover belt
A belt commonly worn by tag leaders that allows them to glide above the ground.
Hover sled
A vehicle that hovers above the ground rather than using wheels.


Immune Deficiency 
See Novak-Nadal Syndrome article.
Immune Syndrome
Preferred name for Novak-Nadal Syndrome.[7]
Impact Suit
A protective suit primarily worn by archaeologists and combat Military. They go rigid upon impact and are designed to protect the wearer against blunt forces, but they also protect against unbreathable air for a lesser period of time. They are vulnerable to sharp points, fire, and strong magnetic fields.
Slang for "interesting". Considered acceptable slang in the aristocratic circles of Alpha Sector.[4]


The standard language legally adopted as the global common tongue of United Earth in 2280. Language has been the standard for humanity ever since. English was a significant influence on Language, but there was also input from several other major historical languages as well as Esperanto.[8]
Laser gun
A type of gun used by archaeologists that emits a strong laser capable of cutting through all materials.
Slang used in the Scavanger Exodus series, meaning off-worlder. One of the people that took vast amount of Earth resources with them when they left a ruined earth to start a new life on a Bright New World.
Let the stars go dark!
Meaning to hell with the consequences.[9]
A device that almost everyone owns, used for communication and information access. Further information: Lookup


A community center where young people often meet up to hang out. MeetUps are prefixed by their specific owner's name.


Slang term for silly, absurd, idiotic.
Slang for news channels.
An Earth Tradition for Earth Archaeologist whenever they encounter human skeletons among the ruins of Earth. Further information: Next of Kin
Term used mostly by the Handicapped for a non-Handicapped person (a "normal-born" person).
Novak-Nadal Syndrome
The new name for the immune deficiency that requires people to live only on Earth. Further information: Novak-Nadal Syndrome
An extreme swear word everywhere except in Beta Sector. Other forms include "Nuking hell!", "Nuking", "Nuked", "Nuke off". This word came into existence during the Thesis chaos year in the 25th century when Tellon Blaze issued the order that destroyed Thetis and gave humanity a new swear word. "Nuke it to cinders!"[10]
The earliest stage of childcare for wards of Hospital Earth.


Planet First
A series of stages within the planet colonization process during which the Military secures the planet for colonization. Further information: Military Planet First
Drunk or high as on alcohol or drugs. Can also mean unusually excited as if drunk or high.
An extreme swear word used in the early 25th century, as in “You can go pollute yourself!” This term came about because of the badly polluted state the Earth was left in during the Exodus century.[11]
ProParents are adults assigned to act as adult mentors to wards of Hospital Earth. Each child is assigned a ProMum and a ProDad with whom they have two allotted hours per week. Although being a ProParent is a paid career, the ProParent-ProChild relationship is designed to be lifelong and act as a replacement for the parents that relinquished the ward. ProParents have a vast amount of advocacy power for their ProChildren and often have the ability to break rules and challenge authority in the name of protecting their ProChild.


Refers to a major method of medical treatment in the 28th century in which damaged body tissues are regrown using a type of fluid known as regrowth fluid. Depending on the extent of damage, an individual may be placed in a tank full of regrowth fluid, or a regrowth unit may be attached to a more localized area. The regrowth of brain tissue is illegal.


Semper fidelis
Latin for "always faithful" or "always loyal". Used in Beta Sector.
Sensor sled
A type of vehicle used in archaeological excavations that is equipped with sensor reading equipment.
Site Leader
An archaeological research role. Site leaders oversee large excavation operations that involve multiple teams working together.
A tight undergarment designed to be worn under impact suits.
Specialist world
A planet requested by a sector for colonization that falls outside of typical parameters but is deemed necessary for serving a specific purpose. Winter in Gamma sector is an example of a specialist world.
Stasis box
A container that is capable of preserving its contents for an indefinite period of time.
Stasis Q
An individual who has the qualifications necessary to open ancient stasis boxes.


Tag leader
An archaeological research team role. Tag leaders tag rubble for removal, direct heavy lift operators, and are responsible for the logistics of their team's excavation.
Tag support
An archaeological research team role. Tag supports are responsible for using the lifeline beam to pull the tag leader out of dangerous situations.
Triad Marriage
A marriage between three individuals. Triad marriages are common in Beta Sector.
Twoing / Twoing contract
A legal relationship between two people. Contracts of varying lengths are offered, and in most sectors, multiple Twoing contracts of specific lengths are required before a couple may marry.


Wallam-Crane Day
A holiday celebrated on November 15 that celebrates portal inventor Thaddeus Wallam-Crane's birthday.


The study of ancient alien civilizations, primarily through the excavation and study of its ruins.
Zan or Totally Zan
Slang for great, amazing, wonderful, awesome.

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