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Herculean Reed frog

you can’t go leaping around like a Herculean reed frog

–Fian to Jarra, [1]

Tiny little red, blue and gold frog like creatures that live in the marshes of Hercules. They have a symbiotic relationship with the reeds by laying their eggs inside of the flowers where puddles of water accumulate from the near daily rainfalls. When a puddle dries up, the male frogs carry the eggs to another flower with a puddle. Once hatched the baby frogs live on the pollen of the flowers and drowning insects, then in the fall when the seed heads form, the young adult frogs distribute the seeds all over the marsh lands.

Hercules Emperor Cranes

A migratory bird like with purple and gold feathers.

Marsh Crawlers

Prey upon the Reed Frogs.

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