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Hestia 2781 is the first of three full-length novels set immediately after the short story Hera 2781.

The year is 2781. Lieutenant Drago Tell Dramis’s first mission as a newly qualified fighter pilot ended with him and his team leader saving one of humanity’s oldest colony worlds, Hera, from destruction. Now he’s discovering that saving a world can be simple compared to living with the consequences.

Both Drago and his team leader and second cousin, Jaxon, are famous now, given rapid field promotions, and are due to be awarded medals. Worryingly, Drago learns Jaxon has a mysterious secret and a past history of erratic behaviour. It’s vital that Drago keeps both of them out of trouble and away from nosy reporters until the medal ceremony, because Jaxon could do or say something that deeply embarrasses both the Military and their Betan clan.

The Military is helping by sending their fighter team on a mission somewhere inconspicuously boring until the medal ceremony. That destination definitely won’t be Hestia, the perpetual trouble spot of humanity.

Additional Info

Publication Information

The Print book is a combined Hera and Hestia and can be found on Amazon here

see Jandet's website for other outlets.


Drago Tell Dramis (Major)

Jaxon Tell Galad (Commander)

Silver Wing

  • Major Drago Tell Dramis (Wing leader and Jaxon’s deputy)
  • Patia[1]
  • Trisha[1]

Yellow Wing

  • Captain Brandon Lin Milan (Wing leader)
  • open

Green Wing

Red Wing

  • Captain Lotta Gerard (Wing leader)

Blue Wing

  • Captain Akinyi Gani (Wing leader)

Military Medical

  • Dr. Mandanna

Hera Command

  • General Renton Mai
  • Major (Alcyone Pleiades) Steadman

Military Security

Solar Array Specialists

  • Captain Betha Ferguson
  • Chief Technician Koroleva.”

Tell Family Members

  • Dragon Tell Dramis
  • Madrigal
  • Caius Tell Galad

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