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The Honor Ceremony is the Military's incredibly sacred way of honoring fallen officers.


The Honor Ceremony begins when the Honor Guard enters, bringing with them a folded-up floating flag. First the anthem and then the hymn plays as the flag of humanity unfolds fully. At the end of the hymn, observes salute the flag, and the head of the Honor Guard recites the ritual words: "On [date] [Deceased Officer's Name] died to offer new worlds to humanity, followed the list of metals the officer earned, and concluded with "For the Honor of [Deceased Officer's Name]".[1] The honor child is then presented with a case holding copies of the deceased officer's metals and says "For the name and the honor of [Deceased Officer's Name]".[1] At precisely this time, the Military and Registry change the honor child's name to their deceased relative's name. Finally, the anthem starts playing again, the flag is folded up and presented to the the leading officer, who presents it to the honor child. Everyone salutes the honor child, in memory of their relative, holding it until the end of the anthem.


The Honor Ceremony dates back at least as far as the mid 27th century. Three of the four officers killed in the Artemis Crisis had Honor Ceremonies, while the fourth did not have family to carry out the ceremony.


The Honor Ceremony is held when the honor child turns 18 and requests the Honor Ceremony to be done. All other activity is put on hold for the Honor Ceremony. Honor Ceremonies have been held in Military training domes, in prisons, on solar power arrays, and in Parliament.

“'You know the rules,' Krath argued. 'The ceremony has to come to the name, wherever they are, whatever they're doing”

–Krath, [2]

The ceremony is carried out by three officers: one of at least equivalent rank to properly honor the deceased, and two aids who control the music, flag, and vid bees. These officers compose the Honor Guard and wear full dress uniform. The Honor Ceremony is recorded by vid bees for the Military achieves.

Honor Child

“When one of a Military family dies on active service, the next child born in the family is given their name to honour them. Sometimes, they deliberately have an extra child to carry that name.”

–Jarra, [3]

Memorial Plaque

All Military officers who were killed in action have plaques honoring them on the wall of the Military Academy. For Military officers without family to carry out the honor ceremony tradition, this plaque, rather than footage of the honor ceremony, is shown during memorials.

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