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The protection of humanity laws strictly regulate experiments on children.”

Keon shrugged. “Some people would argue Handicapped kids aren’t human so those laws don’t apply, but it doesn’t matter anyway because Hospital Earth has guardian authority over its wards.

–Keon to Raven and Fian, [1]


by the twenty-eighth century, Hospital Earth is the governing body of Earth. It is made up of a board of normal humans that are picked and paid by the Parliament of Planets.

Earth is in the physical center of Alpha Sector but is not politically part of any sector so is not subject to any sector laws.

Planetary Administration Division

Makes all of the laws for the planet and citizens in a "benevolent" dictatorship, where the citizens have absolutely no vote or say.

All handicapped are wards of Hospital Earth and subject to their complete control, until they reach adulthood. Once adults they only have moderately more freedom.

Board of Directors

A list of potential board Directors is submitted by the Parliament of Planets to the current board when filling a vacancy. The board then votes on which ones will be offered the empty seat. The board usually selects one of the children of the out going board member, thus resulting in a hereditary board.

The board members salary is paid by the Parliament of Planets, probably from the funds collection from all of the planets to support the immune syndrom children. The actual annual salary is very low as it is public information, but the board members receive huge year end bonus paid based on a very limited criteria including low child abuse and infant mortality numbers. The year end bonuses is not public information.

Through out their tenure, there have been many instances of board members abusing their position for personal gain.

In the distant pass, one board member used their position to find out which wealth and / or famous people around Humanities space had given birth to a child with Immune syndrome and then abandoned the baby. That board member would then blackmail them to keep the information private.
When the blackmail scheme was discovered, it resulted in the anonymization process being put into place. The security on the computers that hold the cross identification process is very strong, thus preventing hacking and data mining.
Illegal Portal
More information coming soon[2]
Test Subjects
Any off-world research that wanted to use a batch of children as test subjects, just had to get approval from the Board of directors and probably pay a fee. Once approved children were routinely used as test subjects.


When a baby is born with Immune Syndrome on another planet, they are immediately portalled to a Earth via a preempt and the baby is received at one of the Infant Crash units that Hospital Earth runs.

The babies that arrive from the frontier worlds, Epsilon and Kappa, often arrive in critical condition where just one second delay can result in the death of the baby.


Parents coming and going, having contact one minute and ignoring them the next, drove the kids crazy. Hospital Earth brought in strict rules to protect us. No half measures.

–narrative, [3]

Hospital Earth insists that all children with immune syndrome that are turned over to them to care for become their wards and that their norm parents can have no contact with them, until the child initiates it at age 14 or older.

They had discovered in the early days that the norm parents could really mess up the child psychological by continusily changing their mind, first dumping them, then moving to Earth to care for them, only to turn around and dump them again. In some respects that continues to happen when they are older too.

As in Issette's mother when Issette first contacted her, her mother wanted to stay in contact and come and visit her, only to change her mind and refused all contact.


Once a baby is made a Ward of Hospital Earth it goes through anonymization process. Once a baby goes through this process there is no way to retrieve the original information on the child until they receive their id number at age 14 and they request their own birth information.


Each of the handicapped babies are assigned a ProMum and a ProDad, this is a life long relationship. ProParents are expected to spend 2 hours a week with each of their proChildren. They usually have up to 10 proChildren. They are paid by Hospital Earth and there are requirements to be eligible for consideration to be a proParent.


  • Must have experienced at least one serious relationship
  • have at least one child of their own

Child Care

Child care is the largest concern since hundreds of newborn babies arrive into their system every day and there are never enough adults to care for them.

Their fees to attend University are paid for by Hospital Earth and if they decide to do nothing with their lives then are granted a small living allowance.

Group Homes

The handicapped children transition through a series of group homes until they are 18 and allowed to leave and live on their own.

Groups of children are kept together through out stages of development, in the hopes that they create bonds with each as siblings and family.



Next Step

They are there from ages 12 to 18, when they turn 18 on year day, then then have to leave either for University or to do nothing.


Each child is assigned a psychologists that they are expected to have weekly seasons with until they are 18. During their seasons the emphases is placed on the child accepting that they are handicapped and must always live on Earth.

Their main function though is to reinforce the view that "Hospital Earth" is their benevolent guardian.


“All of you must stop taking these silly risks. It may only be six months until next Year Day, but that can feel like an eternity when you’re locked up in Correctional. The therapy sessions aren’t so bad, but there’s the authorized punishment regime, not to mention what goes on that isn’t authorized.

–Next Step Principle, [4]

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