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Early Years

Jarra was born with an immune deficiency problem, the same as 1 in 1000 other babies that the only way that they can survive is to be pre-empted portalled to Earth.

Due to complications her parents were unable to go with her to Earth so they turned her over as a ward to hospital Earth. Hospital Earth is the governing body for Earth and their rules are very strict for at least one parent must accompany the baby to Earth or it will become their ward. When Jarra became their ward they allowed her to keep the name Jarra as it was on the approved list of names, but her last name became Reeath.

Jarra had no idea who her birth family was or where she was born, that information could be given to her when she was 14 if she requested it, she did not.

Her parents and family abandoning her weighed heavily on her and resulted in a lot of anguish and anger toward them and all Exo's.

She has a history of rash behavior starting when she was 2 years old and locked a nurse in a closet. (Note: The new novella, "The End, and the New Beginning" has the story of what Nurse Case does to result in Jarra locking her in to a closet and she was probably 4 at the time.)

When she was 14 years old she took the option of portalling to another planet to prove that the Doctors had not made a mistake. Also when she was 14 she had the right to request information about her family. She did take the option of portalling to another planet and found out first hand what anaphylactic shock was like but she did not take the option of requesting her family information, as she was still very angry at them.

Personality and Characteristics

Jarra's handicapped which prevents her from traveling to other worlds and that her parents abandoned her had a powerful effect on her personality and traits. She was unable to resolve those issues, not that she tried very hard, but to her the loss of her family was everything and resulted in her not accepting what fate dealt her.

Keon seemed to genuinely mean what he was saying. He didn’t care about his birth family. I didn’t understand how he managed that when everything I was, all my pride and anger, came from my unknown parents rejecting me.[1]

She sincerely loves History and Earth History in particular but hated the fact that it was a typical career choice for one of the handicapped.

Pilot's License

When she was 17 she was able to get her pilot's license so that at least she would own the skies of Earth. There are less than 1000 pilot's since few were needed, George Gradin a dig site survey pilot taught her the summer that her history club was at New York Fringe Dig site.

In Earth and Fire she learns another key role that pilots are used for, fighting major fires and also in search and rescue operations.

Her being a pilot plays a key role in Earth Star when they need to locate another student that had wondered off.


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Family and Relatives


Candace (ProMum) - Instead of parents all handicapped children that are wards of Hospital Earth are assigned a ProMum and a ProDad. It is mandatory they spend 2 hours a week with and it is a commitment for life. Jarra had a falling out with her ProDad when she was 11 and wanted to go on a dig site with her History Club, she had received her Gold Safety Certificate but since she was so young she still needed her ProParents consent. Her ProDad refused to give it and said they would revisit it when she was 16. Jarra forged his approval and went anyway. When he found out there was a big fight and she refused to have anything more to do with him, but since he was only in it for the money or at least for easier children, he ignored her too. Jarra absolutely adored Candace her ProMum and would do anything not to miss one of their scheduled talks. Jarra was never the easiest child but Candace support her as much as possible. ProParents have huge powers on behalf of their children.

Hospital Earth kept groups of children together so they could form a surrogate family unit. The ones that had been her surrogate family through Nursery, Home and Next Step.

  1. Jarra Reeath
  2. Keon Tanaka - Great friends with Jarra and Issette.
  3. Issette - Jarra's best friend
  4. Cathan - boy/girled with Jarra for a brief while at the beginning of year 2788, but is immaturity and always wanting attention soon caused a major riff in their relationship.
  5. Ross Washington - was committed to Maeth and as soon as they both turned 18 on year day 2789 they started their first twoing contract. After he contacted his parents when he turned 14, his father continued to stay in touch with him a few times a year.
  6. Maeth Ruggier - Committed to Ross. After Jarra's public betrothal and presentation to her clan, Maeth decided to finally contact her betan family. She had gotten the information when she was 14 but since they were from Beta sector she didn't contact them until she realized that there was more to Beta than the sex film industry. She was overwhelmed when they told her they wanted to meet her and hold a presentation ceremony too as well as adopt Ross and formalize a betrothal for them.
  7. Vina
  8. Ayden
  9. Selia


Jarra was born into the Betan Military Clain founded by the heroic Tellon Blaze because he saved humanity from the Chimera.

She was born Jarra Tellona Feren, her mother, Gemena Ray Feren was a member of the Betan Ray Clain and her father Marack Tell Galad was a member of the Tell clain. Both parents were Military in the Planet First Division. They already had two children, Jaxon and Germelle when Marack's Mother was killed while on a Planet First Assignment. They decided to have another child to honor Marack's Mother. Jarra would have kept the name Tell Faren until her 18th birthday when there would have been an honor ceremony.

But Jarra was born handicapped, which is what the polite people referred to anyone born with an immune deficiency that made it impossible to survive on any other planet than Earth. All other handicaps could be screened for and medically fixed, but as of the 28th century scientist still had not determined what caused the immune problems, or if they did before the 25th century that information was lost in the crash of Earth's data net.

Both of Jarra's parents were killed while commanding a Planet First team on K19448 in Kappa Sector.

  • Colonel Gemena Ray Feren (mother)
  • Colonel Marack Tell Galad (father)
...Every planet has behaviour events. Some are harmless, or even spectacularly lovely, like the three yearly firefly clouds of Danae. Some are nasty, with an apparently harmless species suddenly becoming lethally savage.

–Drago to Jarra, [1]

Which is what happened on K19448, her parents were in the rearguard ensuring that everyone else made it through the portal, they were not so fortunate. It happened c. Feb/Mar 2789. Jarra had exchanged one phone call with them before they were killed.

When she was born with a handicap and the family had to make some quick decisions, her mother was still in hospital and her father was on a Planet First Assignment that had an emergency and needed a new commander quickly. When her mother talked to Jaxon and Gemelle about moving to Earth, Jaxon threw a childish fit to the point that his parents were afraid that he would commite suicide, that is how badly Earth's reputation was by this time. It was a difficult situation with no easy solutions as a result they gave her up as a ward of earth and hoped that she would contact them when she was 14. Which she didn't do.

Once she found out that she was born into the Tell clan she discovered that she had a rather large extended family and a family tree that went back before Exodus Century.

General Riak Torrek had a triad marriage with her grandmother, Jarra Tell Morrath and Bard (complete name still not reveled) who was biologically her grandfather(?), Riak does consider Marack his son and Jarra his granddaughter per Betan custom.


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When she was 14 she could ask for the information on her birth family and/or attempt one portalling off world. She refused to find out any information on her parents, but was one of the few that took up the option to portal to another world. When she did, she immediately collapsed and was in hospital for a week as a result.

Jarra started attending Fringe Dig sites with her School's (E249/1217) history Club, run by her History Teacher Cozier when she was 11. There is no age restriction on going to one of the Fringe Dig sites, it was dependent on receiving their Gold Safety Certificate. She had a difficult time of it during that first visit, not only because she was so small, but because the older kids thought she was a waste of space and money for the club. She ended up by proving her worth and went ton to become a tag leader by age 13 and Team 1's tag leader by age 15. Her last year when she was 17 she gave up her team 1 tag team leader slot to spend most of her time learning to be a pilot with the professional pilot, George Gradin who was planning on retiring from full time pilot work at the end of the year.

By the time she was 17 she had visited nearly every historical both major and minor, site on earth and had worked on Fringe dig sites for six years.  Her credentials for a Pre-history course with any off world university would be impossible to beat.

It was during her years of going to dig sites with her history club that she learned to put on an impact suit within military standard time of 2 minutes.

She never resolved her anger over being imprisoned by her immune system on one planet nor the way that the handicapped have been mistreated.   Due in part, to an early experiments by off world phycologists, her Hospital Earth mandated phycologists was never able to help her with her anger issues.

By the time she had to pick her degree course Foundation year at University Earth she was in a quandary, she hated the idea that Earth was known as the 3 H's, Hospital, History and Handicapped and was considering rebelling against being a dutiful ape. But yet she loved history.


Note: These are only brief synopsis centered around Jarra and her actions and do not cover everything that happens in these prequels.

Earth and Fire

Jarra and Issette sneaked into one of the Off-world portal centers, just to pretend that they could go anywhere they wanted to in the universe, but they saw a few things that just drove home to them that they can't leave Earth.

When Jarra returns to her next step she receives a message from her history teacher about an amazing opportunity to gain her pilot's license during that summer's excavation on New York Fringe. She gains the permission from her ProDad and ProMum and visits New York Fringe to talk to the professional pilot about teaching her to fly. Gradin isn't at all happy about it as he was one of the pilot she had talked into giving her a ride and he remembers how she only talks about history and she giggles a lot. But he tells her that if she passes her tests then he will teach her that summer.

When she finds out what all is on the tests, she discovers that her refusal to learn any Science during her school classes is now going to cost her. After enlisting the aid of several of her friends, she successfully passes her student license.

While at one of her early lessons, Gradin gets word that there is a huge fire at Athens so takes her along so that Jarra can learn how to fly a fire plane and how to fight the fire from the air. Her principle is very unhappy about it, but Hospital Earth board overrides her refusal as they have a vested interested in gaining new pilots.

Jarra learns that there are less then a thousand pilots on earth, so every pilot is encouraged to teach potentially new pilots.

After arriving back at her Next Step, a professor from Adonis escorts Cathan, one of the other 17 year-olds back to the next step. He starts yelling abusive slurs' at the Principle about letting the ape children crash their symposium. Cathan had learned that his biological father would be one of the guest speakers and he confronted him in front of all of his peers about abandoning his son. The professor threatens to call the police and to complain to Hospital Earth, the principle was able to bluff him about what would happen if he does that, none of which was true. She then discusses with the 17 year-olds that they had to stop their pushing the boundaries and explained to them that she had been protecting them as best she can, but the reality is she has very little control and if they kept up pushing the way they would then they would be caught. Then she tells them exactly would would happen to them if they were caught.

Earth and Air

Jarra and her School history class are off to New York Fringe for a summer of excavating the ruins of earth. There are three new members, one a girl, Wren, age 12 that reminds Jarra of herself when she was on her first trip with the history club. Since Jarra will be spending her mornings learning to fly, she has to give up her Tag lead position on Team 1. Cozier wants her to spend the afternoons with the three youngest members in training them, which will benefit her in gaining a good position when she applies at University Earth.

On one of the early flight training runs, Gradin fakes an emergency for Jarra to handle, but he doesn't follow protocol and ends up getting into serious trouble over it. Serious enough that he isn't allowed to teach Jarra or anyone else ever again. Of course this upsets Jarra as this is her only chance to get a pilot's license for years, because she will be off to University the next Year Day.

She makes Gradin update her training records and then yells at him, before returning to her history class. Valeska Orlova shows up within a few days to fix Gradin's mistake and to get Jarra to come back to training, but she has her own agenda.

A few days later while off in one of the training areas with her three newest members there is a radiation spike and the emergency sirens go off for a full evacuation of New York Fringe. Because Jarra and the 3 young historians or separate from the rest of the class they are shuttled to a different Major Medical center and Jarra has to shepherd her three charges through the radiation treatment, even though she is scarred to death, too.

Once the internal medication is passed around, Wren being one of the youngest is also one of the first to receive her meds, while getting a bottle of water, Felipe (a young man that they had met at NY fringe) snatches her meds and takes them himself. Jarra sees this happen so she quickly goes over to Wren and takes her to get more meds and then stands by as her other two charges gets their meds and hands them all a water. Once they are secure back to the area they were sitting in, she goes looking for Felipe who when she finds him is all smug and gloating that there isn't anything she can do about it. Just as she was getting ready to launch herself at him, Valeska arrives and stops her. She then informs Felipe that he took meds intended for a young girl half his size so he took to few of some medicines and too high a dosage of others, and the only way it can get straightened out now is with a doctor doing a scan to figure out the differences in dosages. Then she tells him that none of them may be able to do anything in legally, but she was going to make sure that his research team that he was hired on and expected to join soon, knew about his selfish self centeredness and how he was willing to put others at risk to save himself. Basically he is washed up in archeology.

Valeska joins Jarra and her group and they wait out the rest of the lock down together. When Gradin joins them he finally gives in and agrees to merry Valeska and because he doesn't trust her to not sneakly plan a big wedding, he insists that they have to do it right then by calling Earth Registry and register their no-term marriage.

Cozier arrives with the rest of the students and they all leave for their next steps.

Earth and Water

Still to be released, but it will be a direct prequel to Earth Prime.


New York Dig Site

The class begins the school year at New York Main Dig Site where Jarra appears as JMK (Jarra Military Kid) in her military identity. She made up this persona as a way to explain many of the differences between her and sector teens. Initially her Lecturer knew that this was all made up but because the privacy laws he was unable to call her on in front of anyone else, so instead he kept trying to trip her up so that she gave herself away.

Jarra's love of history often resonated with Lecturer Playdon. The fact that she knew so much about life in a basic accommodation dome, Planet First and life in the Military often confused him.

Rescue of Cassandra 2

After just a few days working the dig site, when the went to their dig area, one of a tower in a group of 3 dropped part of it, off the top. Playdon reported this and held the class on the clearway. Dig site command cleared the area, but while Cassandra 2 research team was moving out of the area, one of the other buildings completely dropped and buried all 10 members of the team.

Unfortunately, the team that was suppose to be on the other side of Cassandra 2, were not on site that day, so it was up to Playdon's team to unbury them and they had only 2 hours to do it in. Impact suites have a limit on how much pressure they can handle and 2 hours is their maximum time.

With Playdon and Jarra as the only two experienced members of the team and Playdon had no real idea at just how experienced Jarra was, there was a lot of tension building up. Two other experienced teams were making their way to the site, but it would take them too long to get there in time.

Honor Ceremony

The more she got to know her classmates the more she realized that they were just like the kids she grew up with and she became friends with several of them as well as grew closer to Fian, but she kept holding him off from developing a deeper relationship at this point.

She finally requested the information on her parents from Hospital Earth. She learned that she really was the daughter of two Military officers and that she was born on a military base. In many ways learning about her parents and the life she could have lived if fate would have been different made her deception harder to bear.

She was notified by the Military that she was born as the Honor Child for her grandmother and that they wanted to hold the ceremony. Colonel Riak Torrek came to New York Dig site and conducted the ceremony in their dorm.


Jarra finally contact her parents who were both Colonel's leading a Planet First assignment. She had one brief call with them and then was notified by a General that they were killed while on assignment. Later she discovered that the General that called her was Dragon Dramis, Drago's father.

The emotional trauma resulted in her retreating from reality and start living the lie of her JMK persona.

Carrington Event

During the Carrington Event Jarra and Fian registered their first Twoing contract, but soon after that the stress and strain on Jarra caused her to start doubting the story that she had been living. As a result of the doubt she forced herself to remember the grim truth.

She explained everything to Fian about how she was really an "Ape" and that she had been lying to him and to their classmates. She also told him how the death of her parents caused her to blank out the truth and to start living the lie.

Solar 5 Rescue

Jarra and Fian filled out Cassandra 2's team 2 and the team was designated Asgard 6 while working on clearing the rubble from Solar 5's crash landing.

When an electrical spiked across the rescue site, Jarra was injured that resulted in tank time. While she was in the tank Fian portalled back to their dorm and explained to everyone that Jarra was really had an Immune problem and was raised on Earth as a ward of Hospital Earth.

Jarra along with the other injured rescuers' were awarded the Artemis Medal from the military, the first civilians to have ever received it.



Lecturer Playdon's pre history foundation course has move to Eden in Earth Africa.

A holo image of a city appeared on the vid screen behind him, a glowing dream of a place with totally zan twisting skyscrapers linked with bridges across the sky. I’d seen vids of it before at school, but the beauty of it still stunned me. Playdon gave us a second to absorb the glorious sight before he continued speaking.

“Eden was built five hundred years ago. It was the last city built on Earth, and the last to be abandoned in Exodus century when . . .”[1]

Alien Contact Program

"Alien Contact programme had been in place for centuries; preparing for the day the Planet First teams didn’t just find alien animals on a new planet, or a neo-intelligent alien species that used flint tools, but technologically advanced aliens..."[2]

Military Base 79 Zulu

Near White Sands, New Mexico, Earth America

“Military Base 79 Zulu,” said the Captain.

I frowned. “But . . . there isn’t a Military base on Earth.”

“There wasn’t two days ago, but there is now,” he said.“[3]


During the next Solar Storm after the Alien Sphere appeared, all of Earth was evacuated to the Caverns of Ark.

It was while at Ark Jarra put together the Solar Storm sending a spike of current through the Alien Device that called the Sphere to Earth Orbit. She also worked out why the Alien Sphere positioned itself where it did, without moving away from that spot.

Once she explained her theory to Colonel Torrek and Commander Leveque they agreed that it was the most likely scenario. Colonel Torrek appointed Jarra as the Field Commander for the excavation

"...Now we’re encountering intelligent aliens for the first time. Everyone is comforting themselves with the thought that if the aliens turn out to be hostile, there’s another Tellon Blaze in command ready to save them.”[4]

Zulu Dig Site

Just a little ways North, directly under the Alien Sphere, The Alien communication device was discovered. Jarra and Fian were the first humans to descend through the tunnel and discover the pillar. With Keon's help they were able to activate the device and send the signal to the Sphere.


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London Dig Site

“Undiluted skunk juice is extremely dangerous.” Her head turned away for a second as she gulped in some clean air.[1]

California Rift Dig Site

“Records from 2250 show that several old cities had been replaced by a single new city, San Angeles. Humanity had defied nature by building this new city directly across the earthquake fault line, on the vast artificial platform we call the California Land Raft.”[2]

Military Base 79 Zulu

While on base, Jarra and Finn along with their bodyguards visit Keon and Issette in their new home. During this visit Finn and Raven learn that they handicapped were experimented on when they are children.

“They don’t let them do anything too drastic to us of course.” Keon gave a cynical laugh. “If a researcher accidentally killed a whole batch of ape kids, the board members might miss out on their vast Year End performance bonuses. This particular lot of researchers were studying our reactions to insects. Maeth’s still got a phobia about them.”[3]

Presentation Ceramony & Betrothal

“I present the noble born Jarra Tellona Feren, daughter to Gemena Raya Feren and Marack Tellonus Galad, who was son of Jarra Tellona Morrath of the line of Tellon Blaze.”[4]


“Sir, you never knew whether the luck Fortuna gave would be good or bad.”[5]


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The End, and the New Beginning

Berlin Dig Site

Next of Kin

Earth America Dig Site Graveyard


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