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Early Years

Jarra was born with an immune deficiency problem, the same as 1 in 1000 other babies that the only way that they can survive is to be pre-empted portalled to Earth.

Due to complications her parents were unable to go with her to Earth immediately. The delay resulted in them missing the deadline and resulted in Jarra being placed into Hospital Earth's system.[2] Hospital Earth is Earth's governing body and their rules are very strict for at least one parent must accompany the baby to Earth or it will become their ward. When Jarra became their ward they allowed her to keep the name Jarra as it was on the approved list of names, but her last name became Reeath.

Jarra had no idea who her birth family was or where she was born, that information could be given to her when she was 14 if she requested it, she did not.

Her parents and family abandoning her weighed heavily on her and resulted in a lot of anguish and anger toward them and all Exo's.

She has a history of rash behavior starting when she was 2 years old and locked a nurse in a closet. (Note: The new novella, "The End, and the New Beginning" has the story of what Nurse Case does to result in Jarra locking her in to a closet and she was probably 4 at the time.)

When she was 14 years old she took the option of portalling to another planet to prove that the Doctors had not made a mistake. Also when she was 14 she had the right to request information about her family. She did take the option of portalling to another planet and found out first hand what anaphylactic shock was like but she did not take the option of requesting her family information, as she was still very angry at them.

Personality and Characteristics

Jarra's handicapped which prevents her from traveling to other worlds and that her parents abandoned her had a powerful effect on her personality and traits. She was unable to resolve those issues, not that she tried very hard, but to her the loss of her family was everything and resulted in her not accepting what fate dealt her.

Keon seemed to genuinely mean what he was saying. He didn’t care about his birth family. I didn’t understand how he managed that when everything I was, all my pride and anger, came from my unknown parents rejecting me.[3]

She sincerely loves History and Earth History in particular but hated the fact that it was a typical career choice for one of the handicapped.

Pilot's License

When she was 17 she was able to get her pilot's license so that at least she would own the skies of Earth. There are less than 1000 pilot's since few were needed, George Gradin a dig site survey pilot taught her the summer that her history club was at New York Fringe Dig site.

In Earth and Fire she learns another key role that pilots are used for, fighting major fires and also in search and rescue operations.

Her being a pilot plays a key role in Earth Star when they need to locate another student that had wondered off.


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Family and Relatives

Hospital Earth

Candace (ProMum):

Instead of parents, all wards of Hospital Earth are assigned a ProMum and a ProDad, short for Professional Mother and Professional Father. ProParents must spend two hours a week with each of their ProChildren, they have vast advocacy power on behalf of their ProChildren, and it is a lifelong commitment. Candace is Jarra's ProMum, with whom Jarra has a very close relationship. Candace often must strike a balance between being as supportive as she can to Jarra and protecting her from the potential consequences of her many reckless endeavors.

Unnamed ProDad:

Jarra had a falling out with her ProDad when she was 11 and passed the necessary safety tests to go on a dig site with the senior history club, but he refused to give consent, saying the issue could be revisited when she turned 16. Jarra forged his consent and went anyway. When he found out, there was a big fight and Jarra refused to have anything more to do with him. They had little contact after that incident. Notably, her ProDad visits her after her leg injury during the Solar 5 Rescue, but only to ensure that he continues being employed as her ProDad.

Next Step Peers:

Hospital Earth keeps groups of children together through Nursery, Home, and Next Step in order to create a surrogate family unit. Jarra had eight peers in her group:

  • Issette is Jarra's best friend.
  • Keon Tanaka is also a close friend of Jarra's.
  • Cathan boy and girled with Jarra for a short period of time at the beginning of 2788. She regards him as immature and manipulative.
  • Maeth Ruggier
  • Ross Washington
  • Vina
  • Ayden
  • Selia

Tell Clan

In Earth Star, Jarra learns that she was born into a Betan Military Clan founded by Tellon Blaze, widely regarded as one of humanity's greatest heroes.

She was born Jarra Tell Feren. Her mother, Gemena Ray Feren, was a member of the Ray clan, and her father, Marack Tell Galad, was a member of the Tell clan. Both parents were Military colonels in the Planet First Division. When Jarra was born in 2771, they already had two children, Jaxon and Gemelle. Military families typically only have two children close in age, but when Marack's mother, Jarra Tell Morrath, was killed on a Planet First assignment in 2769, they decided to have an Honor Child for her. Jarra would keep the surname Tell Feren until her 18th birthday, when an Honor Ceremony would take place and her name would change to Jarra Tell Morrath.

Jarra was born with Immune Syndrome and ended up being raised as a ward of Hospital Earth. Though her parents and clan did not want to give up custody, her brother was opposed to moving to Earth, and threatened to commit suicide if he was forced to. By the time he agrees to the move, the deadline to claim custody has already passed, and the Tell clan is unsuccessful in locating Jarra. As a result, Jarra does not make contact with her clan until age 18, and her surname until her Honor Ceremony in Earth Girl is Reeath. (The events immediately surrounding Jarra's birth are detailed in Hestia 2781 and Array 2781)

Both of Jarra's parents are killed while commanding a Planet First team on K19448 in Kappa Sector in 2789.

...Every planet has behaviour events. Some are harmless, or even spectacularly lovely, like the three yearly firefly clouds of Danae. Some are nasty, with an apparently harmless species suddenly becoming lethally savage.

–Drago to Jarra, [1]

Such a behavior event occurred on K19448, where Jarra's parents were in the rearguard ensuring that everyone else made it through the portal, and they were killed before they themselves could escape. Their death happened c. Feb/Mar of 2789. Jarra had exchanged one phone call with them three days before they were killed.

Jarra has a large, extended family through the Tell clan. She becomes close with her second cousin, Drago Tell Dramis. Her first cousin once removed and Drago's father, Dragon Tell Dramis, is the General who informs her of her parents' death.

General Riak Torrek had a triad marriage with Jarra's grandmother and another Tell clan member named Bard, who was also killed in 2769. They had three children: Seanna, Benard, and Marack.

There'd been a cruelly jubilant moment when I saw Riak Torrek's name next to hers, before I realized there was a third name on the same line and instinctively closed my eyes in denial. ... If I'd never seen an image of my father's face or learned his surname, I could have carried on hoping and dreaming that General Torrek was my birth grandfather.

–Jarra, [2]

When Jarra sees on the Tell Clan family tree that her grandmother was in a triad marriage with two men and that General Torrek's surname does not match her father's, she assumes that General Torrek is not her biological grandfather. Notably, she closes her eyes before she sees Bard's surname, which is not yet known. In the short story Kappa 2788, Torrek reveals that he and Bard decided on Galad as the male surname for their triad marriage, which would be the surname passed down to any male children.[3] As such, Bard's surname is likely not Tell Galad either.

The conclusion that General Torrek is not her biological grandfather, while potentially true, is not yet objectively confirmed outside of Jarra's perception.

Betan custom dictates that all all members of a triad marriage are equally parents of any children they may have, regardless of genetic relation. However, as Jarra was raised on Earth with a lack of biological family members in her life and does not believe she is biologically related to Riak, she struggles to view him as her grandfather.

Further reading: Tell Morrath Family Tree, Tell Dramis Family Tree


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Early Years


Jarra's impulsive and emotional behavior dates back to her Nursery years. When she was either four (according to Keon)[1] or two (according to the General Marshal)[2], there was an incident in which an abusive caretaker, called Nurse Cass, was forcing children to eat slugs as punishment for wrongdoings. When Nurse Cass left her lookup on a table, Jarra locked her in a storeroom and called Candace. Hospital Earth Inspectors fired Nurse Cass, Keon was scolded for insolence, and Jarra was scolded for disruptive behavior. The discrepancy in Jarra's reported age at this incident may be due to Hospital Earth tampering with the documentation of Jarra's childhood that they gave to the Military, resulting in the General Marshal having incorrect information.

Home and Next Step

Jarra's Home was Home E161/8822, and her Next Step was Next Step E241/1089. The exact age that children move from Home to Next Step is unknown, but the youngest known character to live in a Next Step, Wren, is 12.

At age 9, there was an incident in which a bully called Nial threatened to cut Issette's favorite stuffed animal, Whoopiz the Zen, in half, but Jarra and Ross intervened. At some point that same year, Jarra's Home was threatened by a forest fire and all of the children in the Home had to spend two days in an evacuation center.

At age 10, Jarra's Home in Earth Europe would have been hit by power cuts resulting from damage to the Earth Europe Solar Array. This event is never seen from her perspective, however. (Further reading: Hestia 2781, Array 2781)

At age 11, Jarra attended her first Dig Site trip with her school history club. Her teacher, Crozier, approved of her attendance as she had passed her Gold Safety Award, and Candace gave consent. However, she had a falling out with her ProDad after he refused to give permission, and she forged his consent to attend anyway. During the trip to New York Fringe, she had a difficult time and experienced bullying from her older peers, who believed she was a waste of club finances. Crozier convinced Jarra to stay another day after asking to leave the trip early, and she then ended up saving the team 1 tag leader after he fell into a hole with toxic fumes and punctured his impact suit. She was the only one small enough to be lowered into the hole in order to seal his impact suit and refresh his air supply before a rescue team arrived.

With the history club, she goes on to become a tag leader by age 13, which is a year younger than most students join as novices. She becomes team 1 tag leader by age 15. (Further reading: Earth and Air)

At age 14, Jarra was given a code to request information on her biological family, but she swore to never use it. She was also, like all wards of Hospital Earth, offered the chance to make one attempt at portaling off world, which she did take up despite everybody in her life trying to dissuade her. She spends a week in a hospital after the attempt, and the data on her immune system collected while in medical care is later used to improve her chances at surviving the immune system override procedure in Earth Flight.

By age 17, Jarra is an accomplished young history student with extremely good preparation for a career as an archaeological researcher with University Earth. She gets her pilots license with lessons from the pilot George Gradin, and after he says she is slow putting on her impact suit, she learns to suit up in the Military standard time of 2 minutes.

For further information on Jarra's activities in 2788, see her Prequels page.


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Earth and Fire

Earth and Fire

Earth and Fire takes place in June 2788, when Jarra is 17 and in her final year of Next Step. The story opens with Jarra and Issette sneaking into Europe Off-World. Entering Off-World transits is forbidden to underage wards of Hospital Earth, so they first enter Earth Europe Transit 3, which only has intercontinental portals. Jarra uses a code given to her by Keon to enter a locked emergency access route that connects the two transits. While inside Europe Off-World, Issette and Jarra see a couple who have just had a son with Immune Syndrome and clearly plan to give up custody to Hospital Earth. When they attempt to leave through the same door that they entered, a security guard notices them and chases them through the corridors. Just as the guard gets close, he stops chasing them. Jarra leads Issette through the corridors until they find a fire exit.

When Jarra and Issette return to their Next Step, Cathan sees that Jarra is dressed up and begins harassing her. She had recently broken up with him, and he refused to accept that their relationship was over. The three of them then run into the Principal of their Next Step. The Principal has Jarra go on record to say that she doesn't want to meet with her ProDad, tells Issette to dispose of her stuffed animals, and scolds Cathan for the artwork containing nudity he had in his room. After moving all of Issette's toys to her room for safekeeping, Jarra receives a message from Crozier about an opportunity to have flying lessons with a professional pilot while the school history club is at New York Fringe over summer break.

At Keon's advice, Jarra forces her ProDad to give consent for the flying lessons under threat of reporting him for neglect. She also get's Candace's consent after discussing how important getting her pilot's license is with her. The next day, she goes to New York Fringe, where she meets up with Gradin, who only reluctantly agrees to giving her flying lessons after seeing that she truly loves flying. When he asks Jarra for her pilot theory test results, and she says that she hasn't taken it yet, he gives her two weeks to pass the test.

The pilot theory test covers a significant amount of information beyond the basic flying skills that Jarra already has, so she enlists Keon, Issette, and Cathan to help her prepare. Cathan only agrees to help her pass the meteorology section if she promises to pose for a painting without clothes on. Jarra agrees, having secretly come up with a loophole in his request. After two weeks of preparation, she takes the test and passes every section except for the General Aircraft test, the only one she didn't specifically prepare for. Having taken the test at a location in Earth Europe, she takes advantage of time zones and takes another attempt immediately afterward in Earth America, which is five hours behind. This time, she passes the General Aircraft test by two percent.

When Cathan expects Jarra to pose nude for him, she appears wearing an impact suit, which she says doesn't count as clothing. She then checks his lookup and finds that he was filming her. Instead of posing nude, Jarra agrees to ask Keon for a door access code to give to Cathan.

At the end of Jarra's first flying lesson with Gradin, she makes a mistake during the landing that causes minor damage to the plane. Gradin gets very angry with Jarra, who in turn becomes deeply upset and runs off, planning to never fly again. Gradin then calls Jarra to tell her that he should have watched her shutdown sequence more closely and she shouldn't give up because of one mistake.

Despite seriously considering giving up, Jarra returns the next day to continue her lessons. While she is practicing take offs and landings, Gradin gets word of a forest fire near Athens that requires air assistance in the firefighting efforts. When they arrive at Athens, Jarra hears Cassandra 2 speaking on the broadcast channel. Gradin instructs Jarra on operating the fire plane scoops, which scoop water from the ocean to be dumped over the fire. While she and Gradin are flying circuits, Issette calls and informs Jarra that the Principal is angry about her missing curfew to firefight but can't do anything about, and Gradin explains that Hospital Earth is willing to ignore Jarra being a few months underage for the sake of training a new pilot.

On their second day of firefighting, Gradin has Jarra fly while he controls the scoops. After several circuits, the plane ahead of them, Paris Coeur, experiences thruster damage and the pilot jumps from the aircraft. Jarra and Gradin save the pilot by picking her up from the ground with the scoops. Two days later, rain extinguishes the fire. Gradin and Jarra fly to her Next Step. He tells her that she is now one of only a thousand qualified pilots on Earth.

Once Jarra has safely landed on the lawn of her next step, Keon makes a final out of several previous comments that imply he may be interested in a relationship with Jarra but couldn't handle her constant involvement in risky activities. Before the crowd that watched the plane landing move inside, Cathan and a man who introduces himself to be Professor Reece from University Adonis arrive through a public portal nearby. Professor Reece claims he insulted the guest of honor at a medical conference, and Cathan explains that the guest of honor was his father. Jarra realizes that this is why he wanted a door access code.

Professor Reece insults Cathan with slurs for people with Immune Syndrome and threatens to press charges against him. The Principal of the Next Step says that should charges be pressed, Cathan's parental records will be used in his defense, which could generate undesirable publicity. She also threatens him with charges of trespassing and abusive conduct. Professor Reece leaves, and the Principal discusses the dangers of rebellious behavior with the seventeen year olds. She reveals that she was in Correctional for the final seven months of her Next Step years, and that she knows about virtually all of the misconduct happening but has been doing her best to prevent Hospital Earth inspectors getting involved. She says that they need to accept the unjust control of Hospital Earth, but Jarra vows to one day prove that she's better than the norms.

Earth and Air

Earth and Air

Earth and Air takes place during Jarra's school summer break in 2788. Her school history club are spending the break at New York Fringe dig site. Fringe dig sites are flatter and generally safer than the dig sites in the heart of ruined cities, so school parties and amateur archaeologists are permitted to work on them, but accidents can still happen.

While the history club is waiting in a transit for the New York Fringe reception area crowds to die down, Jarra is approached by a woman claiming to be her mother. The woman refuses to leave Jarra alone until she sees that she doesn't have a birthmark on her forearm. Once in the reception area, Jarra talks to a man called Felipe, whom she admires greatly because he's going to be joining Earth 28 as a professional archaeologist soon. When the class finally arrives in their accommodation dome for the break, Crozier holds a lottery to assign rooms, as there are thirty available rooms and thirty-one students on the trip. The youngest member, 12 year old Wren, is left without a room, and Jarra offers to give Wren her room and sleep in the hall. Crozier lets Jarra sleep in the store room, which students typically aren't allowed in without adult supervision, but as the history club captain he trusts her.

Jarra gives up her position as team 1 tag leader to Milo, as she will be busy with flying lessons over the summer. The morning before Jarra's first flying lesson, Felipe returns to fix the dome's food dispensers, and he tells a story about a dangerous rescue he claims to have carried out as tag leader on his degree course. During her first morning flying with Gradin, Valeska calls him to try to join a historical battle re-enactment. Jarra only realizes afterwards that this was Professor Valeska Orlova of Earth 1, who is famous among archaeologists.

The next day, near the end of Jarra's second lesson, the plane experiences a thruster failure. She successfully lands the plane, but Gradin then reveals that he had intentionally shut down one of the thrusters so that Jarra would have to handle an emergency landing. This was a serious breach of dig site regulations, and Gradin is banned from giving flying lessons. Because Jarra has already given up her tag leading spot, she agrees to instead spend her mornings giving extra training to the club newcomers. Crozier also asks her to talk to Wren, who has asked to leave the trip early, having been frightened by Jarra's emergency landing. She tells Wren the story of how she asked Crozier to leave during her first dig site trip too, which convinces Wren to stay.

Valeska visits the class dome to tell Jarra that she's convinced the Dig Site Federation to lift Gradin's flying lesson ban. She offers to accompany Jarra and Gradin on future flying lessons, which Crozier says isn't necessary, but she insists. While in the plane with Jarra and Gradin, Valeska tells Gradin that she has decided to accept his three decade old offer of marriage.

A week later, while Jarra is training Wren, Alund, and Landon on operating heavy lift sleds, there is a radiation spike across New York Fringe that requires an emergency evacuation. Because the training ground is separate from where the rest of the history club is doing excavation work, they evacuate through a different evac portal and are sent to a different casualty center than the rest of the club. Jarra and her three trainees are sent through decontamination showers, then sent into a hall with a large amount of New York Fringe evacuees. She becomes protective of her frightened trainees.

Eventually, a second stage oral medication is distributed in order of age group. When Wren is receiving her meds, Jarra sees Felipe steal her tablets and take them for himself. Jarra tries to attack him, but Valeska intervenes and informs Felipe that she will be reporting his behavior to Earth 28. Valeska then waits with Jarra and her trainees while the Military confirms the type of radiation that spiked. Food is passed out, and Jarra discovers cheese fluffle. Valeska also reveals that she was actually the tag leader who carried out the rescue that Felipe described earlier. Gradin finally joins the group and has Jarra explain how she would have gone about getting data on the radiation with a survey plane while minimizing risk to her own safety, which is what he did. Valeska also finally convinces Gradin to marry her. Interestingly, she mentions that she couldn't remarry one of her ex-husbands because he's interested in Jerez of Cassandra 2.

While in a transit with the history club waiting to portal back to her Next Step, Jarra runs into the woman who previously believed she was her mother. Instead of just showing that she has no birthmark, Jarra pretends to be radioactive in order to scare the woman away from Earth permanently. Just before portaling back to her Next Step, Wren tells Jarra that she wants to be just like her one day. Jarra reflects on the different versions of heroism she'd seen over the break and decides that she's going to be the best version of herself according to her own rules, not Hospital Earth's.

Earth and Water

Still to be released, but it will be a direct prequel to Earth Prime.


Earth Girl

New York Dig Site

The Asgard 6 class begins the school year at New York Main Dig Site, where Jarra claims to be from a Military family, a persona she denotes as JMK, or "Jarra Military Kid." Not wanting to reveal to the class that she has Immune Syndrome, she made up this persona as a way to explain the inevitable cultural differences between herself and sector teens. Her lecturer Dannel Playdon saw that her application came from an Earth school, and the application in question included threats of professional misconduct charges should he divulge information about Jarra to the class.[1] Both unable and unwilling to confront Jarra but also concerned that she only joined the class to disrupt it, Playdon spends much of the early days of the class testing Jarra on her Military knowledge. However, Playdon soon finds common ground with Jarra as a genuine lover of history, yet she also knows an extensive amount about the Military and Planet First, which leads to him being genuinely confused about Jarra's background.

Rescue of Cassandra 2

On only their third day of work on New York Main, Asgard 6 sees chunks falling from a nearby skyscraper. Playdon reports the breakaways, and Dig Site Command orders all research teams in the area to move to clearways. As the Cassandra 2 team is moving out of the area, another tower completely collapses and buries all ten members of the team.

Asgard 6 is the closest team to Cassandra 2's location. Unfortunately, the experienced Earth team that was suppose to be working on the other side of Cassandra 2 was not on site that day due to a sled problem, so it is up to Asgard 6 to rescue them. Because impact suits have a limit to how much pressure they can handle, the rescue must be completed in 2 hours before the buried suits begin failing. Playdon and Jarra are the only two experienced members of Asgard 6, and the rest of the class are completely new to excavation work. The experienced professional teams Earth 19 and Beowulf 4 are making their way to the site, with Earth 19 twenty six minutes away, but Asgard 6 must begin the rescue as they cannot afford to wait nearly half an hour.

Playdon initially wants Jarra to be monitoring sensors while he tag leads, but she insists that his experience with the sensor sled is vital, and she has the skills to tag lead the rescue. Jarra is making good progress with her team while waiting for the arrival of Earth 19 when the impact suit of one of the buried archaeologists begins to fail. Jarra risks her safety by jumping into a hole in order to tag the suit so it can be directly pulled from the rubble. Immediately afterwards, Earth 19 arrives at the site and transports the casualty, who is revealed to be Stephan, to an emergency evac portal. Jarra asks if they wish to send in a new tag leader, which they decline as she is doing a good job and already knows the site. With the help of Earth 19's heavy lift sleds, the rest of Cassandra 2 is soon safely rescued from the burial.

Honor Ceremony

As the course progresses and Jarra gets to know her classmates better, she realizes that they aren't her enemy and are no different than the peers she grew up with. She becomes especially close with Fian, her tag support, but resists too much emotional involvement.

After Lolia and Lolmack reveal that they actually only joined the course to be on Earth and care for their baby with Immune Syndrome, Jarra decides that she wants to stay on the course and reveal to the class that she has Immune Syndrome. Before doing so, she requests information from Hospital Earth on her parents, and learns that she really is the daughter of two Military officers and was born on a military base in Kappa sector.

She was quickly notified by the Military that she was born as the Honour Child for her grandmother, and that the Honor Ceremony could be carried out as soon as she was ready. Not having any objection to a Military hero who died before she was born, Jarra agrees to take part. Colonel Riak Torrek travels to New York Dig site and conducts the ceremony in the class dome, and her name is officially changed from Jarra Reeath to Jarra Tell Morrath.


The day after the Honor Ceremony, Jarra receives a mail from her parents, who are on a Planet First assignment, in which they tell her that they'd seen the Honor Ceremony coverage and hope to have contact with her. She calls them, but they don't pick up, and she leaves a message asking for them to call her when they can. The next day, they call her while she's working, and they have a brief conversation.

Three days later, Jarra receives a call from a General, who notifies her that her parents were killed on assignment on K19448. She later learns that this General was Dragon Tell Dramis.

The emotional trauma of her parents' death, combined with the fact that she really does have a Military family, results in her retreating from reality and believing that she is living the fabricated JMK persona.

Carrington Event

When a solar storm warning is announced, the class plans to portal to Asgard, Jarra included, as she now believes she is a norm. However, she and Fian first visit Cassandra 2 so that she can get the impact suit they're gifting her in thanks for the rescue. While Jarra and Fian are still in Cassandra 2's dome, the portals go dormant and it is announced that the solar storm is a Carrington Event. Jarra and Fian stay in the dome with Cassandra 2, where they register their first Twoing contract. Later, it is announced that as a result of portals shutting down early, there are 352 Military personnel trapped in the solar arrays. Rono asks Jarra if any of her relatives would be in the solar arrays, which causes the JMK facade in her mind to begin falling apart, as she cannot recall who she is and isn't genuinely related to. She then remembers that her parents recently died, and she has Immune Syndrome.

Jarra then explains everything to Fian, including how the death of her parents caused her to believe the lie she was living.

Solar 5 Rescue

This is Dig Site Command. We aren’t civilians, we’re archaeologists! You’ve already breached site regulations by entering New York Main without proper clearance, so we expect you to quietly follow instructions."[2]

When it is announced that Solar 5 has crash landed on New York Main Dig Site, Cassandra 2 volunteers to assist in the rescue. Jarra convinces Rono to let her and Fian fill in for the injured Stephan and absent Katt so that Cassandra 2 can send in two working teams. Jarra's team is designated Asgard 6. On the sled ride to the crash site, Jarra explains to Fian her entire childhood and how she ended up in her situation.

While Jarra is working on the Solar 5 rescue, electricity spikes across the site, and she suffers a severe electrical burn to her left leg. She is unconscious for a week between sedation while waiting for portals to return and time spend in a regrowth tank to heal her leg. During this week, Fian informs the Asgard 6 class of Jarra's Immune Syndrome. The newzies also learn of her Immune Syndrome, and some drop the stories on her, but others prop her up as a heroic tag leader and Military Honor Child who was tragically born Handicapped.

Jarra, along with the other injured tag leaders, are awarded the Artemis medal from the military, making them the first civilians to ever receive the medal typically reserved for officers seriously injured or killed while performing heroic actions. Colonel Torrek presents her the medal, as he was the commanding officer of Solar 5.


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Earth Star

Eden Dig Site

At the beginning of Earth Star, the Asgard 6 class has moved to Eden Dig Site. Jarra and Fian are the first to arrive at the class dome after the break between dig sites because the rest of the class is held up by major interstellar portal delays. When Petra arrives, she insults Jarra with slurs for people with Immune Syndrome. Joth, who has begun Twoing with Petra, joins in on the insults, which shocks Jarra because she and Joth used to be friends.

Joth's Death

The morning after Jarra and Fian return from Military Base 79 Zulu, Joth is absent. His impact suit is still in his room, and the Portal Network Administration says that the class dome portal had not been used since Jarra and Fian's return, so Joth must have left the dome with no impact suit.

Jarra flies a survey plane over Eden Dig Site with Fian as her co-pilot. After covering all of the dig site area that could have been reached on foot, they move to the surrounding rainforest. Once a life sign is pinpointed, Jarra and Fian join Dalmora, Krath, Amalie, and Playdon on a ground search in search of Joth. They find Joth unconscious and seriously ill. He dies thirty one hours later as a result of a malaria infection.

Jarra takes part in the funeral on Asgard by live link. Several members of the class who blame Petra for Joth's death, since they had a fight the night before he left the dome, cease their campaign of bullying against Jarra as a way to get back at Petra.

Magnetic Hazard

After Joth's death, the class returns to excavation work after several days of lectures and extra sensor training. While Jarra is setting up the sensor net, the magnetic hazard alarm sounds. Jarra's suit begins crushing her, but Fian waits to cut her lifeline beam until she is free of the magnetic field. Jarra blacks out and awakens while she's being transported to an emergency evac portal. Playdon informs her that Fian's sled exploded behind him, but he survived.

Once awake again after receiving treatment in a regrowth tank, Playdon tells Jarra that she needed 98 percent dermal regeneration. Fian is still in a regrowth tank, but Jarra demands to see him, a request that is only granted after she heavily intimidates a doctor.

Alien Contact Program

"Alien Contact programme had been in place for centuries; preparing for the day the Planet First teams didn’t just find alien animals on a new planet, or a neo-intelligent alien species that used flint tools, but technologically advanced aliens..."[1]

Very soon after the class's arrival at Eden, Jarra and Fian both receive notification that the Alien Contact Program has been activated and that they have both been drafted into the Military. They portal to a the newly constructed Military Base 79 Zulu on Earth, where they both take the Military Oath and are promoted to the rank of Captain. At an orientation session, they learn about the automated, unmanned alien probe that has entered geostationary orbit above Earth Africa. Because Jarra is one of only eleven living people with the Artemis medal, she deals with Military members saluting her wherever she goes.

History Team

Jarra is initially recruited to the Alien Contact Program as a member of the History team, which is dedicated to looking for clues to any previous alien presence on Earth. After the initial History team leader, Major Rayne Tar Cameron, has major disagreements with the team's civilian advisors, Jarra is promoted to Major and put in charge of the History team.

In her first History team meeting, Jarra quickly establishes her competence as a historian after one of the civilian experts assumes she won't know about the twentieth century UFO sighting scares. The team is still reluctant to admit her authority, but the sole team member from University Earth, Professor Chan, cooperates. A professor from University Osiris, Professor Lee, is especially resistant to Jarra's leadership and suggests he should be in charge instead. Jarra fires him. When Professor Chan suggests a suitable paleontologist for the team, another team member calls him an ape. After Professor Chan explains why that word is hurtful, the offender apologizes and says he'll suggest using a live link so that Earth historians may be included in award ceremonies. Professor Lee reluctantly agrees to Jarra's leadership in order to keep his place on the team.

Ark Evacuation


...Now we’re encountering intelligent aliens for the first time. Everyone is comforting themselves with the thought that if the aliens turn out to be hostile, there’s another Tellon Blaze in command ready to save them.”[2]

Zulu Dig Site


Tell Clan



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Earth Flight

London Dig Site

“Undiluted skunk juice is extremely dangerous.” Her head turned away for a second as she gulped in some clean air.[1]

California Rift Dig Site

“Records from 2250 show that several old cities had been replaced by a single new city, San Angeles. Humanity had defied nature by building this new city directly across the earthquake fault line, on the vast artificial platform we call the California Land Raft.”[2]

Military Base 79 Zulu

While on base, Jarra and Finn along with their bodyguards visit Keon and Issette in their new home. During this visit Finn and Raven learn that they handicapped were experimented on when they are children.

“They don’t let them do anything too drastic to us of course.” Keon gave a cynical laugh. “If a researcher accidentally killed a whole batch of ape kids, the board members might miss out on their vast Year End performance bonuses. This particular lot of researchers were studying our reactions to insects. Maeth’s still got a phobia about them.”[3]

Presentation Ceremony & Betrothal

“I present the noble born Jarra Tellona Feren, daughter to Gemena Raya Feren and Marack Tellonus Galad, who was son of Jarra Tellona Morrath of the line of Tellon Blaze.”[4]


“Sir, you never knew whether the luck Fortuna gave would be good or bad.”[5]


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Earth Prime

The End, and the New Beginning

Berlin Dig Site

Earth Prime opens on 17 November 2789, two days after the conclusion of Earth Flight, and Jarra and Fian have returned to the Asgard class to finish their Foundation year course at Berlin Dig Site. Jarra initially believes there will be five weeks before she and a small group from the Asgard 6 class begin excavation work on Fortuna, but Amalie explains that off-world courses end on December 11, so there will actually only be three weeks. During that time, dig team 1 must organize a class farewell party, for which they decide to order a set of Betan style banners to commemorate the class. The design for these banners becomes a mild disagreement among dig team 1, but it is eventually agreed upon that the banner will contain several small images displaying significant moments from the year, with Petra facing away from the class.

After a few days of rest, Playdon asks Jarra if she would like to learn to ascend skyscrapers in the Berlin Spire Complex. During this conversation, Playdon reveals some of the relationship struggles he had after spending a significant amount of time in a regrowth tank, and Jarra discusses the difficulty she has had adjusting to her new appearance. She does not reveal the issue that she works through internally over the course of The End, and The New Beginning, which is her anxiety that she may have been cloned without her knowledge during the immune system override procedure. After Playdon gives a lecture that includes a Berlin Spire Complex training video, Jarra agrees to learn spire ascensions.

The next day, the Asgard 6 class joins the Cassandra 2 team, with whom they will be doing joint work on the spire complex. In order to ascend a spire, lead line anchors must first be embedded in the spire wall, a difficult task that is set up as a competition between Asgard 6 and Cassandra 2. Jarra performs impressively well for a novice at firing her anchors, a skill that she says she learned in firing reproduction trebuchets with her school history club.

Once the lead line anchors are embedded, Jarra begins her first ascension with Keren, which involves the two of them using a winch system to control the speed at which the ropes lift them up the sides of the spire. Because new safety lines are being set up on the spire, Jarra and Keren must ascend on insecure lines that have a small risk of dislodging. Keren stops them at the sixth floor to give Jarra the chance to end the ascension before they reach a height from which their impact suits would no longer protect them from a fall. They wait on a windowsill while Jarra considers the choice, and she decides that since skyscraper work will likely be necessary on Fortuna, she will need to learn to face ascending one on Earth first. Keren asks that Jarra prove she believes the one in a thousand risk of an insecure line dislodging could still happen to her, to which she points out that as a person with Immune Syndrome, she knows such a chance could and has happened to her. Satisfied, Keren unclips himself from his insecure line and attaches himself to a securely embedded piton. He explains to Jarra that she will need to do a training jump in which she will also unclip herself from the insecure line and jump from the sixth floor, which will be safe because she is attached to Keren via a safety line, in order to prove she can control her fear in a real emergency situation.

Before the training jump, Jarra voices concerns that as a Foundation year student, she doesn't deserve to be doing spire ascensions or excavating the Fortuna ruins. Keren explains that the off-worlder teams feel she's actually the most qualified out of any of the Fortuna-bound archaeologists, both because archaeologists from Earth are generally considered to be the real experts and because she tag led the initial excavation of the alien device in Africa.

Moments before Jarra intends to jump, Todd interrupts Jarra and Keren's private comms channel, causing her to slip and fall from the windowsill. When she hits the wall at five floors above the ground, her backpack and harness become jammed against glass shards, holding her in place. She does an emergency release of her harness and falls onto safety cushions with no injury.

After a discussion with Cassandra 2, Jarra asks to help finish setting up the secure lines. She begins a second ascension with Keren, and at the twentieth floor they stop to remove a small tree in the way, which Jarra asks to keep. Keren objects at first, but allows it when she explains that she wants to keep it as a Next of Kin personal memorial. At the thirtieth floor, they set up secure lines. Jarra accidentally shouts "Hoo ee!" on the broadcast channel.

While Jarra is explaining to Asgard 6 how the Next of Kin system works, Raven informs them that an airborne attack on Jarra is imminent. Dig Site Command says that the pilot Gradin just arrived, but Jarra asks him a question that proves he isn't actually Gradin, who was her flying instructor. Keren and Jarra hide inside the spire, but the lack of wall space between window gaps makes effectively hiding difficult. Archaeological research teams across Berlin Dig Site, including Earth 3, Earth 14, Zeus 2, Romulus 1, Apollo 1, Beowulf 4, and Osiris 1, begin firing their lead line anchors at the attacking aircraft to deter it while they wait for Military fighter pilots to arrive. When the aircraft closes in on Jarra to fire its incendiary weapon at her, she uses her piton gun to shoot out one of its thrusters. The aircraft quickly recovers and its pilot fires a missile at Jarra. Immediately afterwards, Drago and Marlise arrive in prototype model fighter jets and capture the hostile aircraft. Jarra blacks out and is brought to an air ambulance being flown by Ramon, where she is given short-term field treatment for her injuries, which includes a punctured lung, by Dr. Capria Kar Broussard.

Once Jarra is stabilized, General Torrek enters the air ambulance to speak with Jarra about her sister, Gemelle. He explains that she and her husband, Royal Tar Destin, are on deep undercover assignments to find the individuals behind the assassination attempts on Jarra. Torrek warns her that because they have been undercover for three months and have no way of communicating with the Military, they will be announced missing presumed dead, but this is merely a formality. He also reveals that Petra was the informant who warned the Military of the incoming airborne attack.

Leveque then informs Jarra that she will receive regrowth treatment for her injuries and remain at Military Base 79 Zulu with Fian until the Fortuna excavation begins, since he has confirmed there are no hostile operatives in the Alien Contact programme. Jarra then requests that she carry out the Next of Kin memorial ceremony before leaving for Zulu base, to which Torrek agrees.

Next of Kin Ceremony

Jarra invites the Asgard 6 class, Cassandra 2, Keon, Issette, Valeska Orlova, and Gradin to the Next of Kin ceremony, which will take place at the Earth America Dig Site Federation graveyard. While the class waits at their dome for preparations to be made at the graveyard, Jarra also welcomes Torrek, Leveque, and Capria to attend the ceremony. Playdon asks if the group can make a detour on their way to the Next of Kin grave to his wife's grave, to which Jarra agrees.

Keon and Issette join the group at the graveyard, and Issette scans Jarra's injuries. When Issette mentions her partially functioning left little finger, Jarra realizes that she can't be a clone because a clone would have had function to the finger fully restored. After some lighthearted bickering and some delays while the class banners are set up, the group makes their way to the Next of Kin grave, with a stop along the way at Cadee's grave. At the Next of Kin grave, they meet up with Valeska and Gradin, who are now working with the Alien Contact programme as civilian advisors.

Jarra plants the memorial tree, then begins the speech she must give as part of the ceremony. She explains that she decided to apply to University Asgard instead of University Earth because of something that happened while she was having flying lessons off the coast of Earth America in 2788– she came across human remains, and in being the first person with Immune Syndrome to touch those remains, she became that deceased person's Next of Kin. The skeleton had a hole in the front of its skull, indicating a violent death, and the remains were sent off to the Dig Site Federation to be analyzed. The report took unusually long to be sent to Jarra, and when it was, it revealed that the individual was a woman killed during the Runners and Changelings Era trying to protect her newborn baby. Jarra says that she got the report on 13 November 2788, held the burial ceremony the next day, then applied to University Asgard on 15 November 2788. Becoming a Next of Kin had tipped her existing anger over the edge, and she made what she knew was a thoughtless decision in the hopes of joining an off-worlder class to take revenge on them then leaving, but decided to stay once she came to like most of the class and see that they weren't her enemy.

After her speech, the group has a discussion in which Leveque reveals that Raven has discussed the injustices of Hospital Earth with Aadi Quilla Amarion, who intends to push for a full investigation once elections for the new leadership of Earth has taken place. Issette and Jarra both affirm that they prefer the term Immune Syndrome to Novak-Nadal Syndrome or Handicapped.

Finally, Valeska reveals that she became Next of Kin to the man who killed the murdered woman, and she dumped his bones into a sea of toxic waste. The original anthem of humanity as written by Sean Donnelly is played. Valeska then explains that the lead excavation teams going to Fortuna will be known as Prime rather than team 1 and that Playdon's team will be known as Earth Prime, rather than Asgard Prime, since they have the only Earth archaeologist who is able to go to Fortuna.

Torrek tells Jarra and Fian that three days after they lowered the alien defenses on Fortuna, the shields reactivated, and there is a third device on the planet that will need to be activated in order to permanently lower the defenses. A transport aircraft arrives, and Jarra reflects on her year with Asgard 6 as she prepares to leave for Zulu base.

I’ll Be Right Here Waiting

Part 1

I'll Be Right Here Waiting takes place from Fian's point of view and begins where The End, and the New Beginning ends. Ramon picks up Jarra, Fian, Capria, Raven, and General Torrek in a six-seater transport to fly them to Zulu base, where Jarra will enter a regrowth tank for twenty four hours to heal her injuries from the Berlin Spire Complex attack. While on the transport, Jarra's punctured lung treatment begins to wear off, causing her breathing to become restricted. When they land by Jarra's medical dome, Capria sedates her so that she may be brought to her regrowth tank without issues.

Part 2

General Torrek discusses with Fian his relationship with Jarra's grandmother, with whom he had a triad marriage.

Part 3

Alpha and Omega News falsely announces news of Jarra's death while she is in surgery. In reality, her surgery goes smoothly and Fian visits her afterwards before her day of recovery in a regrowth tank.



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