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A committee that is made up of Parliament of Planets representatives

The simple way of thinking about Joint Sector High Congress Committee is that it’s an elected representative subgroup of Parliament of Planets, which has the authority to deal with cross-sector issues that are either too confidential, too complex, or too urgent to wait to be dealt with by full Parliament of Planets. There are a set of rules about what they handle, but other things can be dealt with by Joint Sector High Congress Committee if all the First Speakers agree it’s appropriate. And yes, they do have a lot of power, but abusing that power could mean them being called to account by Parliament of Planets.

–Author Janet Edwards, [1]


Earth Flight

Hestia 2781

Joint Sector High Congress Committee is responsible for approval of names added to the "Gold List". The "Gold List" is pre-approved candidates that meet certain requirements and are especially gifted Military officers that the out-going General Marshal can choose their successor from, within certain other criteria such as age and years of experience. Note: this last bit of criteria may have changed because of the problems with General Marshall Ezren Tanner and General Marshal Emeritus Cara Wade demand to change some of the process.

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