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New Clan first mentioned in the The End, and the New Beginning

...We aren’t just a Military medical clan and part of the Military alliance. We’re part of an older alliance as well. One that binds us to the four original leading clans of the Military Alliance, as well as the Tell clan and its sister Blaze clan.

–Capria to Jarra, [1]

...but the Kar clan has always remained faithful, and will always remain faithful. One of my ancestors treated Tellon Blaze himself

–Capria to Jarra![1]

Dr Capria Kar Broussard
Jarra's lead doctor and considered a brilliant doctor.
dark skin and tight black curls, becomes Jarra's personal physician.
Dr Carolina Kar Broussard
Capria's half sister, Assistant to Capria with a soothing personality.
Dr Loris Kar Howell
Cousin to Capria and Caroline.
Dr Ludmilla Kar Soren
Psychologists mentioned in Hestia 2781


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