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Personality and Characteristics

Laid back is the best way to describe Keon. Even though it is widely believed that he extremely lazy and won't put much effort into anything, it becomes clear that Keon is utterly brilliant and thus bored with most things than any real laziness.

Keon is also very cynical and has no illusions about people's motivation.

Early Years

He was part of Jarra's group of peers that were assigned to grow up together.

When he was very young, the school bully decided to pick on him. Keon came up with a plan that resulted in the bully being caught and sent to Correctional.

Keon was not afraid to defy teachers that were obviously incompetent if they dared to chastise him.

...he comes out with a single devastating sentence that proves he’s about ten times smarter than you are. Like the time our scary science teacher at school ranted at him for fifteen solid minutes for not doing his homework, and he finally yawned and said he’d been confused by the difference between the fundamental equation of portal physics stated by Wallam-Crane back in 2200, and the one she’d written at the start of the homework. Then he asked if it was simply a mistake, or if she’d made a key discovery that contradicted all the portal theories accepted by every scientist for nearly six hundred years.

–Jarra about Keon, [1]


Keon seemed to genuinely mean what he was saying. He didn’t care about his birth family. I didn’t understand how he managed that when everything I was, all my pride and anger, came from my unknown parents rejecting me.

–Narrative, [2]

Keon was the only other member of Jarra's year group who did not request details on birth parents.


Earth Girl

At the beginning of Earth Girl, Keon plans to do nothing after Next Step and live on his Hospital Earth allowance. Much to his friends' surprise, Keon changes his mind and goes to university to study laser light sculpturing. Since he is more of a scientist than an artist, he approached his schooling on learning about the functionality of laser lights more than the artistic aspect.

Earth Star

Keon is more of Jarra's background friend until the end of Earth Star when he figures out the final question from the alien artifact and contacts Jarra to give her the answer.

Earth Flight

In Earth Flight, Keon is recruited to head up the Military research team trying to decode the alien laser light message. His apparent laziness causes some friction between him and his Military superiors. When Jarra, Fian and Raven visited Keon and Issette, Keon reveals to Raven and Fian that when they were very young and in "Home", groups of them were experimented on by off-world scientists, concerning their psychological reaction to bugs. It is during this conversation that hints of some deeper feelings start to show. Also during this visit, Jarra learns that Raven had arrested Keon because he initially refused to work for the military. Keon told them that after a few days, Laveque learns that he can't make Keon work on the alien lights and that he learns that Leveque can make him uncomfortable, so then they start to negotiate.

Earth Prime

In The End, and the New Beginning after Jarra's speech, Keon angrily outbursts against Hospital Earth and the way they treated their wards. He demands that the Military investigates Hospital Earth board for interstellar crimes. Issette and Jarra realizes that he hasn't been as accepting of his situation as he has appeared to be but just better at hiding it.

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