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You’ve no hope of reaching the standards of a good Asgard rabbit, Krath, but you may yet become an acceptable human being.

–Aunt Galina, [1]


Personality and Characteristics

Krath is socially inept, mostly due to not attending school or being around his peers until about the age of 14. During all of the years that his father moved them from planet to planet, Krath harbored a deep-seated fear that his father would abandon him on a strange planet as easily as he abandons everything else.

Early Years

His father dragged him around from planet to planet for most of his childhood and filled his head with conspiracy theories mostly aimed at the Military.

With his Aunt Galina's intervention, Krath's father settled on Asgard in Gamma Sector. Once they settled down Krath was able to attend school. But schooling didn't work out for him as the children made fun of him and bullied him, mostly because of his ineptness. His father convinced him to drop school when he was 16, which wasn't hard to do, promising Krath that he would be an apprentice in the salvage business and learn all about it, but he mostly just acted as unpaid labor.

During the short story, Gamma Sector 2788, once again his aunt Galina intervened and took Krath into her own home to teach him enough to be able to get into the Universitie's History program.


Krath's mother and father are divorced and Krath has had no contact with his mother or her family and his younger sister since she left them shortly after Krath's 2nd birthday. Krath's father is deep into conspiracy theories without ever checking the facts, he also runs a conspiracy theory news channel.

Krath's Great Aunt Galina is a retired History teacher who doesn't allow Krath to refer to her as a Great Aunt.


Earth Girl

In Earth Girl Krath is assigned as the Heavy Lift operator for Team 1 for Asgard 6. He is very socially inept and spouts his father's conspiracy theories. As a typical 18 year old male he initially chases after several of the girls, including Jarra, but soon settles on Amalie, but Amalie isn't too interested. Amalie does start working on trying to teach Krath some common sense.

Earth Star

During Earth Star, Krath is still beleaguered with a lack of common sense, but both Lector Playdon and Amalie work at helping him improve. He becomes close friends with the entire Asgard 6, Team 1 and makes other friends within Asgard 6, one of them is Joth.

Earth Flight

When Social injustice comes to a head in Earth Flight, and the handicapped Earth people stage a quiet revolution, Krath starts a twoing contract with Amalie.

While Jarra and Fian are away Amalie becomes the Team 1 tag team leader and Krath is her tag support.

Earth Prime

Raw Material

In Raw Material - Krath Karman, Amalie and Krath arrive on Asgard to visit his father and his Aunt Galina. Krath discovers that his father has packed up and left Asgard without telling him or returning his calls. He is shaken by this and so they go to Aunt Galina where she shares some hard truths with Krath about his father. Krath accepts the truth showing once again how much he has matured and grown away from his upbringing.

The situation is totally different now though. You don’t need your father any longer, Krath. You’re no longer a dependent child. You’re doing essential work for the Alien Contact programme. You have a supportive group of friends. You’re Twoing with Amalie.

–Aunt Galina, [1]

Balance of Power

Krath visits Miranda with Amalie and supports her as she resolves somethings that were left undone.

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