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“Lolek is now living at a suitably peaceful location, in a house chosen by his grateful clan,” said Lolmack.

–to Jarra, [1]

New clan that was originally the Lol clan cluster during the Earth Girl trilogy. Due to Lolmack's actions in helping to capture the person that threw the Cassandra skunk fruit at Jarra, the Tell clan formally supported them being given full clan status.

The Lol clan cluster was formed c. 2748 when several clanless families banned together to support each other. Their primary craft is making sex vids which resulted in them becoming very wealthy but of the lowest ranks often referred to as a gutter clan. They have been working toward becoming a true clan and have joined an alliance, headed by the Breck clan of the middle rank.

Currently, they are based on Artemis, but once Beta sector establishes a planet that is safe for people with Immune syndrome, the clan plans on moving to be one of the first clans on a new world.

During the years of being a plebian clan or clan cluster, Lolek lead the clan. He was a ruthless, cold man (see Lolia's prequel story in Earth 2788). During their recent clan meeting, Lolmack staged a bloodless coup and Lolek was retired to a nice house were he can live out the rest of his life in peace.


Lia Louth Alda
aka Lolia [2]
Mack Louth Jakub
aka Lolmack[2]
original leader of the Lol clan cluster. Lia's Great-Uncle
Lia's cousin and a makeup-artist

Trivia and Misc.

Clan Declaration Ceremony

Held on Artemis, November 29th & 30th in 2789.[2]

Formal Naming conventions

For females during formal presentations, female name would include "Loutha" and males, "Louthus" would be used instead of Louth.


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