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Written at the start of the 24th Century, the Military Charter stated that the most important job of the Military was Planet First, making sure that new planets were safe for humanity. At that time there was only 2 planets that humanity lived on, Earth and Adonis.

After 100's of planets were colonized, the Military Charter was rewritten and the Military became the Cross Sector Military.

The new Military Charter states the prime objective of the Military is to maintain the peace between the worlds of humanity. It specifies that the cross-sector Military must remain politically neutral, recruit from all worlds without prejudice, and do everything possible to promote the bonds of understanding between different worlds and cultures.

–narrative, [1]


  • To maintain peace between the worlds of humanity, to promote understanding between different worlds and cultures and to prevent the wars that humanity had suffered under when on Earth
  • To explore and select new worlds for Humanity to inhabit and to make them safe using Planet First protocols.
  • To act as a cross sector police force for interplanetary crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • To maintain and run the planetary solar arrays.
  • To oversee and run Alien Contact program if enacted.

Military Culture

The Military considers themselves a family, when someone joins it is for life. Once the oaths are taken those are promises for life. They learned that sometimes after traumatic stress it may take years before that person is effected by it and they need help. The Military's obligations are for life, too.

Those in the military can go on sabbaticals, some do it to make medical or scientific advancements, or to study at Universities and for various other reasons.

Since so many of the military marry other military members, marriages are often rushed so they wont be split up. The Military can marry someone under any of the sector requirements and rules.

Spouses are kept together whenever possible and likewise if the marriage breaks down, one of them is transferred. The spouse that is transferred is usually the one that is in a role that is less vital then the other.

The majority of the military are involved with Planet First where they would not be able to raise their children, Military basses include housing and schools for the children. Their schools are very structured Military schools that include saluting the teachers and unarmed combat exercises. Since so many of the children do go into the Military the schools prepare them for that career. The schools cover everything that the Sector recruits learn in basic plus the normal school requirements.

After Thetis Chaos year, slang concerning the chimera came into existence. Terms like "throwing you to the chimera” and "Chimera shred you" are commonly used among the military.

All military can travel through the portal system, for free. This facilitates staying in touch with friends and family.

Cross Sector Recruitment

The military has become largely heredity in nature as 90% of the children of the Military grow up and also become Military. They have their own traditions and culture, which makes it difficult for them to "promote the bonds of understanding between different worlds" if they do not understand about those cultures.

10% of recruits are from various sectors with no family ties to the military. They go through basic together since children raised in the military have their basic training as part of their school system. Once they all go onto the academy they are merged together. This enables the hereditary military to learn from the sector recruits not only about their home planets and culture but what the civilians think.

Because most of the responsibilities of the Military includes the strict quarantine of Planet First assignments or the Isolation of the Solar Array's, most military do not come in contact with civilians. So the sector recruits are needed for their fellow cadets and teachers to learn from and understand the sectors culture and background.

Military Ranks

The information for this page came from Janet Edwards says: August 20, 2014 at 10:52 am Comments at Janet Edwards website

  • Cadet – Students at Academy
  • Lieutenant – Academy graduate still in training
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Commander
  • Colonel
  • General
  • General Staff
  • General Marshal (Commander-in-chief of the Military)

Combat Military

Only those in the Combat Military are in the chain of command and can hold a position higher than Colonel.

Field Commander

This position is not a rank, but the person in charge of a specific mission and can be held by any rank and as a result may have those of higher ranks assigned to the mission.

Solar Array specialists

Chief Technicians: Is the senior officer on each shift and in charge of it. They will confer with the other shifts Chief Technicians to make decisions about their Solar Array, which is then approved by the Colonel that is in overall charge.[2]

Lightening God: The person sitting at the red console and is in charge of the planetary beam. They need to have innate numerical skills to be able balance the fluctuations. For historical reasons the name dates back to the first Solar array. When they speak, everyone listens as it usually means that there is a problem.[2]

Other Areas

There are also some specialist ranks for medical staff and Planet First teams.

There’s a huge division in this future Military between those with true combat Military assignments, and those in medical, admin, technical specialist, and the whole host of other support positions.

–Author Janet Edwards, [3]

Honor Child

In military families, when someone dies in action, the first child from one of their descendants, is named their honor child. At birth that child is given their first name and at age 18 they go through an Honor Child ceremony when their name changes to the full name of the deceased.

Military Honors and Medals

The Earth Star - new tradition award to both Military and civilians created for those that worked on the Solar 5 Rescue.

Fortuna medal - For those that took part in finding the alien artifact and home world.

The Pallas Athena - Military equivalent of a Nobel, For outstanding contribution to human knowledge.

The Artemis - Named to honor the Military personal that dropped portalled to the Artemis Solar array to stop Ceron Augustus using the solar array to cut whole swatches out of the planet. It is awarded to those killed or wounded while performing an act of outstanding heroism.

Thetis Award - The second highest award given to a military officer, that is injured while doing a heroic dead in the face of danger.


All military uniforms are blue and made out of a special fabric that keeps the wearer's body at an even temperature. The fabric also has limited protection against dangers, such as acid and fire.

Their uniforms also have a built-in weapons holster.

Their impact suites are military blue and have a whole range of features and levels from Basic to Fighter pilots.

The uniforms are Military Blue except for Generals,

General uniforms have white jackets, and their impact suits are white upper and blue lower.

The General Marshal's uniform is all white.

Solar Array Staff

The solar array staff uniforms are one piece, short-sleeved and a lighter blue then the standard militaries blue. Their impact suits are also of the same shade of blue.[4]


Their weapons are energy-based weapons. Their personal weapons are locked into their DNA so it cannot be taken away from them and used against them. They can also be remotely activated or deactivated and do have a built in tracking feature to let the Command staff know where the weapon is at.

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