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Military Base 79 Zulu

Located at White Sands, Earth America, it is the first Military Base on Earth in centuries. It was created and setup very rapidly when the Alien Contact Program went active.

When the Alien Probe was sighted and Alien Contact went into effect, Colonel Riak Torrek was placed in charged as he was in command of the Solar array system when the probe was first sighted.

Once the Alien Contact program settled into a long term commitment, the command of the base was turned over to Colonel Nia Stone.

It is where Jarra and Fian went when they were drafted at the beginning of Earth Star.

After the Alien artifact was discovered and activated, 79 Zulu became a permanent military base on Earth, the first one since Exodus Century. It is the home of the Alien Contact program and the research for the artifact and interpreting the light signals. Colonel Nia Stone became the first base commander and deputy to General Riak Torrek for the Alien Contact program. Colonel Mason Leveque was placed in charge of the twin research projects.

White Sands Area

Historically White Sands was once a national park, established early 20th century, to preserve the sand dunes of the area. It was surrounded by military installations and bases, causing the occasional stray missiles to land in the park and destroy some of the visitor's buildings. (See White Sands wikipedia for more information.)


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