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Military Command Support is there to support the members of the Military it a variety of ways, really in anyway that is needed, from packing up storage units and probably living quarters, to legal advise. Because Command Support officers are not combat military, they cannot have ranks higher than Major.



Command Support controls access to command level officers. To do this, Command Support officers filter information and requests for important officers' time and attention by importance. This includes filtering their messages, scheduling meetings, and answering the calls of officers who call.

"'Those messages are always checked by Command Support to assess their true importance.'”

–Major Steadman to Colonel Ngobi, Jaxon, and Drago, [1]

Life Events

Command Support also stores recorded messages from Military officers to send to their friends and family in event of the Military officers' deaths.

"I sent the recording off to the section of Military Support that's officially called Life Events, and unofficially Death Events, because that's what they really deal with.”

–Jarra, [2]


Command Support is responsible for ordering supplies that Military officers and bases need. This ranges from uniforms to solar array pieces.

"'The Command Support staff have reached the point where they keep full sets of uniforms on standby ready for you, me, and Jarra.'”

–Raven to Fian, [3]

References and Notes


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