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Military Security does a whole host of things, such as protection details, undercover to investigate, crises resolution and just about anything else that doesn't relate to Planet First.


Providing Personal Security

Military Security officers provide different types of protection for notable Military officers and politicians. This ranges from protecting officers recently mentioned on the news from nosy news reporters to protecting Military officers and politicians from threats on their lives. When on this type of assignment, Military Security officers generally work in teams, though extenuating circumstances may limit this.

“I’d normally have several people helping me, but Leveque decided months ago that bringing in new bodyguards would increase rather than decrease the danger. Everything has to be handled by me, or the one trusted team of Military Security officers.”

–Raven to Fian, [1]

Undercover Work

Military Security officers engage in undercover work to identity organized criminal activities. To do so, Military Security officers may undergo cosmetic surgery to change their appearance. Undercover officers have to completely embrace their persona to survive.

In basic undercover assignments, Military Security officers have implants and can use those implants to communicate with SECOP. However, in deep undercover assignments, where targets might notice the implant, the Military Security officers operate without that support, rather using special message drops.

“You can’t have a Military Security agent’s implant bonded to your skull, or have a Security Operations Controller working with you, when you’re effectively deep undercover.”

–Major Bran Duncan, to Jerez Rivera, [1]

Security Operations Controllers (SECOP)

Security Operations Controllers, or SECOP, provides behind-the-scenes support to Military Security officers on protection or undercover assignments. Generally, Military Security officers work with SECOPs in the same sector, to reduce portal lag issues. Military Security officers communicate to their SECOPs via implants, each sentence must be pre-fixed with "SECOP" to be transmitted to SECOP.

Crisis Resolution

In Hera 2781 when the comet was still on the path to hitting Hera's inhabited continent there were still thousands of people refusing to leave the planet before the portal was destroyed.

It was Military Security that arrived on the planet to assist with getting them all off-world. One of the Security Officers, Gemelle Tell Feren arrested the news reporter and confiscated his vid bees, once everyone realized that no news was being reported and no one would see their dramatic deaths, they all poured into Hera off-world and portalled off planet.

Technology Use

Like other combat Military officers, Military Security officers carry guns.

Armed Agent Weapons

"The tendrils of my gun entered my right hand and arm, before running through my body to connect to my brain."

–Blaze, [2]

“An Armed Agent weapon normally recharges itself by a combination of taking power from nearby power storage units and using excess body heat from its owner,”

–Donnel, [2]

Military Security Implant

Military Security officers have implants that allow them to communicate with Security Operations. These implants are internal, so not easily noticeable, however it is possible to detect the implants with certain scans. Thus, Military Security officers on deep undercover missions will not use implants.

"In emergency mode, they can see and hear everything I can,' said Raven. 'In normal mode, my implant selectively relays statements prefixed with SECOP. Everything else remains private, but my implant has rolling two-hour recordings of everything I see and hear. In the event of my death, or traumatic injury, that data is automatically dumped to SECOP."[3]



Other Technology

Military Security officers also a variety of other technologies to support their missions. This includes holographic technologies, vector eavesdrops, and spy devices.

References and Notes


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