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Like all other planets that Humanity has settled on, Miranda comes with its own Biodiverse species that humanity embraces and learn to not only live with but in many cases cultivate for export.

Miranda has no pollinating insects or earth worms to work the soil, so the humans have to be careful of the native species that perform these functions. All new worlds have conservation zones on the one inhabited continent, these are used to protect and nurture the native species.

Blind Weasel

The Miranda Blind Weasel hunts with its sense of smell, prays upon the Miranda Panda Mice.


"...sparkling clouds of tiny sapphire, emerald and ruby colored flutterflies performing their midair mating dance"

–narrative, [1]

The worm like larvae of the nocturnal Flutterflies works the soil in the same way an earthworm does.

Flying Fish

Jumps from the water and flies for about 5 seconds by flaring its fins and tail to their full width. Usually a mix of greens and blues.

Mirandan Ostrich

Safe to eat their eggs at least. Farmers raise as livestock.

Moon Monkey

Monkey like creatures with round white glowing faces.

They are organized in troops with young male scouts that look for new feeding grounds. Once they find them, they give a loud call to the troop to come and get it. They are part of the pollination cycle, see Mirandan Almonds. They must be kept away from Earth Apples.

Panda Mice

A benign animal that sleeps in smelly locations, most notably in shoes, to protect itself from predators. As Miranda has no native insect life a Panda Mouse is part of the plant pollination cycle.

that their long, black and white fur, and huge soulful eyes,

–narrative, [2]

Their main predator is the Miranda Blind Weasel hunts with its sense of smell, which is why Panda Mice are always looking for a smelly place to sleep. Besides shoes, the Panda Mouse nestles in the center of the Miranda Cabbage plant.

Pink Hummingbirds

The Pink Hummingbirds have some touches of blue on the head. Very similar to Earth’s hummingbirds except the color. Before Planet First operation, this planet had savage gliding lizard like creatures that preyed on the birds. The Military removed all of these lizards on the inhabited continent. The birds that had survived in offshore islands that the lizards couldn’t reach were starting to spread back to the main continent again.

Unicorn Deer

The Miranda Unicorn Deer have a single spiral horn and are striped brown and white. It is believed by some that they are connected to the propagation of the Miranda Mushroom but hasn't been proven.

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