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It appears that on the inhabited continent at least there is only one variety of tree. It is a very fast growing, shallow root tree, with a scaly trunk and large greenish-red fronds on top


Miranda Cabbage

This is an edible plant that is cultivated as a crop. It is also very important to the Moon Monkey's diet so is often used as a companion plant to other crops. It is edible for humans.

Mirandan Almonds

The luxury food markets in Alpha and Beta Sectors paid high prices for Mirandan Almonds

“The key thing is allowing for the acid balance of the moon monkey digestive system,” I said. “You have to get moon monkeys to eat the acidic, first stage false fruits to fertilize the bushes before the second stage almonds will develop. The moon monkeys need to eat both clay and Mirandan cabbage to stop them getting indigestion, so …”[1]

The problem is to get the Moon Monkeys to come to the fields to eat the false fruits. It requires plantings of Miranda cabbage and pools of watery clay among the almond bushes. Once the conditions are right the Monkeys will descend on the false fruit and ensuring a good final crop of Almond like nuts.

“…If they came to eat the ripening false fruits, their eagerly nibbling teeth would break open the pollen pods hidden under each fruit. Those would explode, covering the moon monkey’s glowing faces and long red tongues with sticky yellow almond pollen, to be carried on with them from bush to bush.”[2]

Miranda Limes

Red Fire Plums

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